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Good Reads 45 – Awesome Hobby Posts to Catch

Back with some awesome hobby posts from the last two weeks, I’ve some great articles for you to check out from 30k, 40k, AoS, and Blood Bowl! I even have two tutorials in there for you to learn some new painting tips.

Good Reads 45

Ultramarine Battle Tanks

Horus Heresy Ultramarine Tanks

Ultramarine Tanks by Lord Halfpenny

I love tanks, and Lord Halfpenny’s mobile detachment for his 30k Ultramarines caught my eye. Between the nice shade of blue and the weathered tracks, they fit the nice balance between the traditional boys in blue and realistic military vehicles.

Drakon Riders

Converted Drakon Riders from Cold Ones

Drakon Riders by Swordmaster

When I first looked at Swordmaster’s Drakon Riders, I thought they were simply a dragon kit that I didn’t remember, only to read his post and find out the are converted from Cold Ones and Vargheist wings! Not only a cool conversion but a nice paint job as well.

How to Paint Non-metallic Metallics

How to Paint Non-Metallic Metals on Greyfox

Greyfox WIP by Blazmo

Painting non-metallic metals is an advanced painting concept that can look nice when pulled off. Blazmo has been learning how to do it on his Greyfox Inquisitor. In the process, he decided to create his tutorial on how to do NMM.

NMM Sword

How to paint NMM sword

NMM Tutorial by The Fantasy Hammer

For a different perspective on painting NMM, The Fantasy Hammer also wrote a tutorial on how to do a NMM sword. This is great in that it more subtle than most NMM swords you see but looks great when finished.

The Mighty Zug

Red Lantern Blood Bowl Team with the Mighty Zug

The Red Lanterns by Jack

The resurrection of Blood Bowl has created some cool looking models including the Mighty Zug. Jack did an excellent job of painting up both this star player and the whole team with a metallic red.

Painting Yellow

How to Paint Yellow Armor

Painting Yellow by Scott

While it might be another Blood Bowl post, Scott created a great tutorial on painting yellow armor for his Ork team. I like how it provides a vibrant yellow look without taking too many layers.

It’s the Little Things

Extra creatures for The Chapel Project

Creatures by Heresy of Us

The Chapel Project continues to evolve as the various talented hobbyists put their work into it. The Heresy of Us adds to the depth of the world with three mini-characters in the form of a crab skull, wraith bat, and devil rat – each with their stories and intrigue.

Trees of Wraith

Kurnoth Hunters with great swords

Kurnoth Hunters by Turkadactyl

Guys like Turkadactyl are killing my resolve when it comes to not starting anything new until I finish a bunch of my projects. His latest addition to his Sylvaneth Grove is this trio of Kurnoth Hunters with great swords. Don’t mess with the trees.

Weathering with Salts

How to paint weathered metal with salts

Weathered diorama by Will

Will has put together some incredible dioramas for clients and takes us along for the WIP ride. He has also put together some great tutorials like this one on using salt to painted weathered metal and chipped paint.

Wrap Up

That’s it for this week, and I hope you were able to catch a few things that you may have missed from the past weeks. As always, if there was something you think I missed, add it to the comments!