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How to Build Scenic Display Pieces

Creating Scenic Terrain for Bases and Dioramas with Andy

Greetings, this is my humble tutorial on how to build terrain, specifically a rocky outcrop with vegetation and trees. This is my way of making terrain pieces/diorama backdrops for miniatures; however, there are many fine ways to make great looking terrain/dioramas and bases, and I hope you do your research and experimenting to come up with amazing things! I would never be so bold as to say my method is the only way nor the best way. It is merely a way that works for me, and I have borrowed many techniques from other tutorials who need their just due. I want to welcome Andy to the Broken Paintbrush community with this awesome tutorial. I hope you enjoy the tutorial, and if you want to save it for later, fill in the form at the bottom and I will send you a copy. Namely Massive Voodoo Blogspot, 3-T Studios, Painting Buddha, countless others on Youtube and Coolminiornot. I apologize if I used some of your techniques and did not give you a reference; however, I …

Good Reads 52

Good Reads 52 with Nurgle Titan, Painting Tutorials, and a Cult

Another awesome week of hobby posts to check out in today’s Good Reads 52. Come see some of the work done by fellow hobbyists, learn from tutorials, be inspired, and some things to think about. While it has been a busy week here between finishing a book and getting started on a crazy Rainbow Warriors Project (more to come), it is awesome to poke my head up and see what others have accomplished. Sorry I haven’t commented on your site lately, but I do bookmark posts to eventually get back to 🙂 But for now, dig into this week’s Good Reads, they are another set of amazing work. The White Knight White isn’t a color you see very often in the fantasy setting, especially on chaos warriors. But Nick has done a great job with this Chaos Knight, the start of a new AoS army. Rotten Skin The Rednekkboss has become proficient with the multiple wash technique. Here, he put together a tutorial on how to paint rotted skin that looks incredible. It has a …

Good Reads 45

Good Reads 45 – Awesome Hobby Posts to Catch

Back with some awesome hobby posts from the last two weeks, I’ve some great articles for you to check out from 30k, 40k, AoS, and Blood Bowl! I even have two tutorials in there for you to learn some new painting tips. Ultramarine Battle Tanks I love tanks, and Lord Halfpenny’s mobile detachment for his 30k Ultramarines caught my eye. Between the nice shade of blue and the weathered tracks, they fit the nice balance between the traditional boys in blue and realistic military vehicles. Drakon Riders When I first looked at Swordmaster’s Drakon Riders, I thought they were simply a dragon kit that I didn’t remember, only to read his post and find out the are converted from Cold Ones and Vargheist wings! Not only a cool conversion but a nice paint job as well. How to Paint Non-metallic Metallics Painting non-metallic metals is an advanced painting concept that can look nice when pulled off. Blazmo has been learning how to do it on his Greyfox Inquisitor. In the process, he decided to create …