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Good Reads 52 with Nurgle Titan, Painting Tutorials, and a Cult

Another awesome week of hobby posts to check out in today’s Good Reads 52. Come see some of the work done by fellow hobbyists, learn from tutorials, be inspired, and some things to think about.

Good Reads 52

While it has been a busy week here between finishing a book and getting started on a crazy Rainbow Warriors Project (more to come), it is awesome to poke my head up and see what others have accomplished. Sorry I haven’t commented on your site lately, but I do bookmark posts to eventually get back to ­čÖé

But for now, dig into this week’s Good Reads, they are another set of amazing work.

The White Knight

White Chaos Knight

Knight by Nick Thrower

White isn’t a color you see very often in the fantasy setting, especially on chaos warriors. But Nick has done a great job with this Chaos Knight, the start of a new AoS army.

Rotten Skin

How to Paint Nurgle Skin

Nurgle Painting by Rednekkboss

The Rednekkboss has become proficient with the multiple wash technique. Here, he put together a tutorial on how to paint rotted skin that looks incredible. It has a ton of steps, but most looked quick (and then wait to dry).

Astral Claws

Astral Claws Techmarine with conversion beamer

Valthex by Tyler M.

While the full post is Tyler showcasing his really nice looking Astral Claws army, this Techmarine with Conversion Beamer caught my eye in particular. It is a great conversion that tells a bit of story along with it. Notice the servo-harness helping to hold the weapon?

The Osseous Throne

Tyranid Cult Osseous Throne Build

Cult by Mr. Pink

Mr. Pink has been on here before with his awesome conversions and sculpting skills. Unsurprisingly, his Cult force won his store’s Inner Circle, but even cooler than that: he gives us a step-by-step process of how he made the cool Osseous Throne, only hinted at in the books.

Shining a Light

Painting OSL to give ambience

OSL by Kristian Simonsen

I need to already update my tutorial list for doing OSL, Kristian painting up this diorama to show how lighting can change the ambiance of a scene. It is not as much of a step-by-step, but more of a general guide for each major part.

More Evil Trees

Converted Evil Durthu

Bog Durthu by NafNaf

Adding another monster to his growing collection of nightmares, NafNaf converted/demonized Durthu for his Bog Sylvaneth force. But really, it is all the details and texture that is incredible on this conversion.

Nurgle Titan

Converted Nurgle Knight Titan

Nurgle Titan by Dean Kelly

There seems to be a lot of bad guys in this weeks post. Either way, Dean’s converted Nurgle Titan looks great and has all sorts of demonic touches throughout the model. And sounds like this is just the first…

Taking Better Pictures

Using a shadow tent for miniatures

Photo Setup by Nazroth

Taking better pictures of our minis is such an important thing to me that I have a whole tutorial page linked in the menu above. Nazroth shares this passion for helping us showcase our miniatures, and demonstrates the setup he uses. Best part? He uses his phone and an inexpensive shadow box.

Beaten Gold

Painting Beaten Gold on Stormcast

Stormcast by Stats

Some people are a fan of bright and shiny, others like to dig into the grimdark. Stats wanted his Stormcast to fall into the later and shows us how he painted this beaten, burnished gold that looks great.

The Capitan

Deathwing Diorama at Crystal Brush

Deathwing by Scott Ferguson

Scott painted this mini-diorama for the Crystal Brush Awards at Adepticon. It is an awesome piece with lots of added character, and a nicely done canvas of the Lion. Make sure to check out the back of the cloak as well for all the freehand checks.

Playing Blind

Playing Warhammer while blind

More than the BlindPenguin can see

When you think about our hobby and gaming, it is hard to consider doing while blind. But that is exactly what BlindPenguin does and shares his experience about gaming without sight. I went to school with someone blind, and it was incredible what she could do, and this is a great read on challenging our acceptance of other.

Good Reads 52 Wrap Up

I hope you found some articles to dig into and enjoy. I’ll be back soon with more Blood Bowl and a new charity project. Oh, and I have the first print draft of my book on my desk. A little bit excited about that one.