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Good Reads 44

Welcome back to another week with Good Reads 44, a collection of hobby articles from around the web that you don’t want to miss. With tutorials, inspiration, and some amazing models, these are well worth checking out.

Good Reads 44 by Borken Paintbrush

Acastus Knight

Acastus Knight Porphyrion

Acastus Knight by Jake of Redscorps

So the Acastus Knight is an incredible kit from Forge World and Jake of Redscorps did a fantastic job of painting his. Between the well done blue and white scheme and just enough weathering, it’s an excellent centerpiece.

Making Robes from Tin

Making robes out of tin

Custom Robe by D Powers

While not for the faint of heart (and thin-skinned), D Powers put together a tutorial on how to use thin sheets of tin to create custom robes. The end effect is incredible as it creates a much thinner robe than using green stuff.

Age of Munda

Age of Munda game

Logo by Big Boss Red Skullz

The freedom that INQ28 allows is an interesting concept that I have started playing with, but the rules are scattered and a bit complicated for basic games. So  I love what BigBossRedSkullz did by combining the game mechanics of Age of Sigmar with Necromunda. Allows for great narrative while minimizing the game complexity.

Painting Principles


Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast by Jon aka Von

Creating your own painting style and principles is an important part of maturing in the hobby. Jon shares his personal painting principles and why he built his list. It’s a great starting point for anybody building their own painting skills.

50 Articles and Tutorials Not to Miss

Garandur Step by Step by Sergio Calvo

I shared Volomir’s big list of miniatures not to miss in 2016 in the last Good Reads, and this time he is back with 50 don’t miss articles that featuring painting and sculpting tutorials by some of the best artists in the industry. I’ll be coming back to many of these for later.

George the Stompa

Ork Stompa

George the Stompa by Grenn Dal

Perhaps it is because I am currently painting my Stompa, but I’ve seen a few of them pop up over the last few weeks including George painted by Green Dal. I particularly like all the grots that keep it stomping forward.

The Lash Banshee

The Lash Banshee by Heresy of Us

The Chapel Project is heating up and the Heresy of Us has finished this fantastic ghost. The Lash Banshee is not only an amazing conversion, but he created a fun back story for her as well. Would hate to get on her bad side.

DIY Stones

DIY Stonehenge with foam

Stonehenge by Dean Kelly

Don’t let anyone tell you that DIY scenery is dead. Dean proves that with his Stonehenge rock grouping made out of a chunk of dense foam insulation. Sure, there aren’t skulls on every square inch, but it would still be fun terrain to play over.

Wrap Up

That’s it for this week, I hope you found something new, left a comment on each of the hobbyist’s sites, and found some inspiration for the week. Until next time, keep on painting!