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We are into the first few weeks of 2017, and I have your first Good Reads of the year! Get ready to be inspired, learn a few new things, and enjoy some great posts by your fellow hobbyists.

Sculpting a Witch Hunters Hat

Sculpting hats for witch hunters

Witch Hunter Hats by Nazroth

With the new Agents of the Imperium book out, it seems fitting that Nazroth put together a tutorial on creating Witch Hunter hats. I think his focus is on Mordheim miniatures, but the tips work well for all sorts of armies.

Blood Effect: Theory and Tutorial

How to to do blood effect with paint

Blood Effects by Will

Will from Miniatures of Tomorrow has been cranking out some amazing commission pieces, and along the way, he created some helpful tutorials including this one on painting blood effects – specifically blood splatter.

Slaanesh Lord

Slaanesh Chaos Lord on Steed

Chaos Lord of Slaanesh by Thor

As someone who has a ton of half-finished models in boxes, I applaud Thor on finishing his Slaanesh Chaos Lord. Not only is this a fantastic looking miniature, but he also took the extra time to magnetize all the weapon options – and check out that snow!

Angron Painting Guide

How to paint Angron

Angron by Spot1cus

As much as I’ve seen finished Primarch miniatures, I haven’t seen anyone do a painting guide on them, so it was great to look through Spot1cus’ tutorial painting for Angron. These are amazingly complex models, and it was fun to see each section given some attention.

Canoness Veridyan

Converted Canoness Veridyan

Converted Canoness by D Powers

What is cooler than a classic GW artwork brought to life as a miniature? Watching D Power turn the Canoness into an incredible miniature of imagination. Watch for those XActo blades, though. This is a fantastic execution of a conversion and a great dedication to Blanche himself.

Eversor Assassin

Painted Eversor Assassin

Eversor Assassin by 30k plus 40k

As someone who hated playing against the old metal Assassins (remember when they had their own codex?) it is still cool to see well-painted versions of their modern counterparts. 30kplus40k finished up his Eversor, and I particularly love the red armor sections as a perfect, and cruel-looking, contrast to the black body suit.


Casper a INQ28 Blanche Conversion

Casper by Heresy of Us

I just come across Heresy of Us and the latest post was this amazing, and crazy creation named Casper. I find it incredible when hobbyists can pull together the most random bits (and doll heads?) to create something brand new, and yet fits right into the 40k universe.

50 Miniatures Not to Miss in 2016

I’m not the only one who compiled a huge list of things to look back on for 2016. Volomir is another new blog for me and is a great find as he seems to focus on non-40k miniatures. His list of 50 Miniatures Not to Miss in 2016 is a fantastic collection of award winning painters and sculptures at their best.

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Good Reads list and, I hope, took away a few new things to try or be inspired by.

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