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Hobby Spend Resolutions of 2017

I know I already talked a bit about my hobby goals for the year, but after talking with a few guys on Twitter about not buying any new kits, I wanted to revisit it here. Thus I present my Hobby Spend Resolutions of 2017.

As some of you may know, I have my version of the Closet of Doom (TM) with way too many kits that need to be built. To combat this pile of gray sprues, keep me motivated to finish more projects, and yet reward myself for completing mini-milestones I have put together the following plan.

We pretend that Closet of Doom has been trademarked by the great Mordian7th as he is the first to have used the word.

I’ve broken down each of my major projects into Must Finish and Wish List. There are more things in my box of sprues than are on the Must Finish list, but I figured this would be an excellent way to make it easier to accomplish some smaller goals first.

Ork Dead Mob

Must Finish

  1. Stompa – this will be a huge accomplishment as this guy has been half assembled for 2+ years and now is built with a fresh coat of primer. While not an actual member of the Dead mob, who wouldn’t want to follow a Stompa into battle?
  2. Megaboss – I’m still super excited about getting this guy finished. He doesn’t help with the Dead mob either, but he is a bad ass model
  3. Deffdread – My wife just got this for me as well, so I need to build it up and get it done
  4. Big Mek and Mek – I have both in my bits box, and they will be needed

Wish List

  1. Gorkanaut – just finished the Morkanaut but I need a second to complete that part of the Dead mob, this one I will do as a Gork for all that Dakka
  2. Killa Kans – I need one more squad of these guys, that and they are fun to build and paint
  3. Painboy – I don’t think I have one of these in the bits box. While I could bash something together, I like the GW model and may start with it for a conversion.

Blood Bowl

That’s right; I’ve joined the league of ball chasing fools 🙂 My beautiful wife gave me the game for my birthday, so now, of course, I must resist buying the Skaven team and converting star players, and all that fun stuff.

Must Finish

  1. Human Team – no clue what I’m going to paint them or call them, so that’s probably step one.
  2. Ork Team – same deal here

Wish List

  1. Skaven team – I want to have a couple of different teams to be able to play with my family when they visit
  2. Build/Convert ogre, troll, and rat ogre players for each of the teams

Mentor Legion

These guys are my long term Space Marine project that I have a love/hate relationship with. I love the way they look, their background, and what their special rules could be – I did just see someone using Deathwatch Rules for them. But I hate them because of all that white and the fact they are two different colors.

Must Finish

  1. Razorback Command Tank – This is about 60% completed, so I just need to finish the highlights and weather it.
  2. Second Stormtalon – base coated so it could also be fairly quick at this point
  3. Stormraven – he is built and primed but zero paint on him
  4. 2 Terminator Squads – I have a regular and an assault terminator squads half built that I want to finish and paint

Wish List

Right now I don’t want any more Mentor Legion models. Instead, I want to get some Deathwatch squads for the sole purpose of painting different colors. I plan to paint them where only their left arm is black/silver, and the rest is their chapter colors.

Not only will this allow me to paint all sorts of colors but also an excuse to use the Space Wolf and Blood Angle bits I have from previous box sets.

Anything New

So in general, anything else new category I lump two other HUGE projects. This kind of suck regarding the amount of work ahead of me but by having them block anything else I want to start may motivate me to knock a few out

Must Finish

  1. 4×4 Tablescape Board – I got this so I could play some games at home which may even allow me to play some 40k! But I want to paint them right and…
  2. Huge building on all non-road tiles – I have a bunch of building kits from GW and Pegasus that I want to bash together to build up a hive city feel. I want each non-road tile in the Tablescape set to be a building of at least two feet high. Adding LEDs to the buildings will be an awesome stretch goal
  3. Two Knights – I bought the renegade knight box, and both knights are sitting forlornly in the bits pile. I want to add these to my current knight and get all three wired up with LEDs.


Have you seen all the new kits GW is putting out? How can anyone not want so many things? One new project that I would like to start is getting back into AoS with a Sylvaneth army. We’ll see if this happens considering the massive backlog above, but man does they look good.

Do you have a list?

What about you? Do you have a Must Finish and a Want list? Would a system like this work for you or hold back your inner muse?