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Showcase: Death Skull Killa Kans

I finished these a few weeks back but hadn’t posted the showcase for them yet. I also put together a painting guide for them as well. While not much different than the Morkanaut, they are a simpler version due to their size.

Painting Death Skull Killa Kans and Showcase

As with my other Ork walkers, I’ve been painting these on the couch so I wanted them to be quick and easy. This is why I went with the drybrush rusty metal and spot colors of the blue, red, and white.


First up is the finished Death Skull Killa Kans. I built each one up with different weapons, in part because each looks cool, but also I don’t really know what is the best load out with them. I figure when I get 4-5 squads built up with different weapons I can pick and choose 🙂

Death Skull Killa Kan with Big Shoota

First up is the flamer armed Klip Klopper. I could image a whole squad of these guys would be great for close range support.

Death Skull Killa Kan with Missile Launcher

Next up is Da Hole Maker which has my favorite close combat bit in the box along with what is probably the most versatile weapon of the missile launcher.

Death Skull Killa Kan with Grot Launcher

And last up is Scrap Maka’ with a cool buzz saw and the weapon unique to the Kans: the Grot Launcher. Probably a terrible weapon, but it has a cool theme to it!

Painting Steps

One of the great things about the Killa Kans is how quick they can be to paint up. The first layers are done with spray cans and the largest brush that fits. Then only a few select sections of armor get paint and they are good to go.

Brown Primer

Painting Killa Kans Step 1: Brown Primer

So the first step is priming the models. If I had brown primer on hand I would use that, but instead, spray them with black primer and then with brown. These use Rustoleum’s Brown Leather but it doesn’t really matter what shade it is.

Rusty Metal

Painting Killa Kans Step 2: Adding Rust

Next up is the basic rust effect by making a mess with orange. I used Game Color Hot Orange (GW Troll Slayer Orange) and did a mix of dry brushing and stippling. The idea is to leave some brown showing through and get some of the orange in the nooks and crannies.

Metallic Dry Brush

Painting Killa Kans Step 3: Metal Dry Brush

The final base layer is to drybrush Game Color Gunmetal (GW Leadbelcher) over the model. By focusing on the edges and sharp areas, it should leave brown/orange areas.  Don’t worry about the silver and rust being too bright at this stage as we wash it all down later.

Base Colors

Painting Killa Kans Step 4: Painting the Base Colors

Here is where I start adding colors to the model by blocking in Game Color Imperial Blue (GW Kantor Blue), Scarlett Red (Khone Red), and Bonewhite (Ushabti Bone).  Not pictured here is the follow on wash with Game Color Dark Brown Wash. This tones down the rust and silver while providing

This tones down the rust and silver while providing a nice wash to the colors.


Painting Killa Kans Step 5: Highlighting the Colors

Finally, each of the colors were highlighted with a high contrast edge highlighting. So I mixed Magic Blue (Caledor Sky) with Dead White (White Scar), Bloody Red (Evil Sunz Scarlet) with Golden Yellow (Yriel Yellow), and Dead White by itself.

Hitting only the edges, the extreme highlight can look harsh, but it provides a nice look when everything is finished. To finish the model, I went back and black lined the deepest recesses. This adds a nice finish to each color

Wrap Up

And that’s it for this squad of Killa Kans. Only one more squad for the Dread Mob, but as every Mek knows, you can’t stop with just a few Kans.