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Stompa Progress and Squaduary

Making good progress on the Stompa (still to be named) as I am focusing on his central body section before moving on the extra bits. I also have an update on the INQ28 squad and announcing my pledge for Squaduary.

Work in Progress Stompa and Inq28

I’ve been working on adding more work in progress posts, in part because I know many of you like them, but it also relieves some pressure to create big, full posts every week.

Stompa Progress

I’ve been working on the Stompa during couch time and following the same steps as the Morkanaut. But the sheer size of this beast is a bit overwhelming. Not only is it about twice the height of the Morkanaut, but the surface area due to his bulk is massive.

So I started by focusing on just the main body piece. While it’s the largest, once I get it done I can crank out all accessory pieces and glue them on as I go.

WIP Death Skull Stompa

At this point I have all the rusty metal done and the colored panels highlighted. I need to go back through all the details, including the Grots and finish them off then some black-lining to add more depth.

WIP Death Skull Stompa Back

I’m going to wait to do weathering until it is finished so I can keep that consistent across the model and see where everything goes. You can see on the back side there are pieces missing as I left them off to paint – those are the little bits I will finish next.

Inquisitor Team Progress

On the main painting desk is my INQ28 team inspired by the Techno-Barbarian I did last year. While some may argue that they aren’t Blanchian enough to be INQ28, they fit my painting style and gives me an excuse to kitbash and paint turquoise.

WIP INQ28 Team with Turquoise Robes

While the whole squad has it’s base colors and the mighty Dark Brown Wash, I pressed forward with the Inquisitor.

An outrageously over the top tophat? Yes, it is! The fantastic bloke NafNaf over at Objective Secured sent me a cast copy of the hats he uses for his amazing Dance Macabre. So I had to put it to good use right?

WIP Inquisitor with top hat

There is some clean up work to do on him, and I’m going to leave finishing the base until I can do all five but he is pretty much finished at this point.


Part of why I was trying to get these both done, is that February starts Squaduary hosted by Rory on Stepping Between Games. The challenge is to build, paint, and finish a squad during the month.

I’ve pledged the Ork team from Blood Bowl, though I must admit that I already have them built and half of them primed. But even then, it will be a challenge to finish them by the end of the month!

Purple Ork Blood Bowl Team

Blood Bowl Team by James Gallagher from White Dwarf, used without permission

After looking through different team colors, I’ve decided I’m going to go with a purple uniform like the excellent ones from James in January’s White Dwarf. I don’t have anything in purple, and it looks outlandish on them! I’m not sure about the teal spot color, but need to look back on the color wheel to see what would work.

So here we go!

Let me know if you have any feedback on the WIP models or the purple idea. Otherwise, stay tuned for more progress over the coming weeks.