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WIP Ork Blood Bowl Lineman With Purple and Orange Armor

Squaduary Week 2 – Half of ork team almost done

Short post for today but wanted to share some my updates on my Ork Blood Bowl team for week Squaduary Week 2. The first half of the team is almost finished with all the highlights. After highlighting the orange towards yellow, it works a lot better with the purple armor. I did finish the middle lineork as you can see below and on the rest, I only have the purple and black left to finish. I haven’t done any weathering or the base yet as I am going to wait until the whole team is ready so they look uniform. The next two weeks are looking super busy at work so it might be a bit quiet from me. But I do have a couple of guest posts lined up thanks to the awesome Mr. Pink and Rory. Hopefully, I can still sneak some painting in to relax in the evenings.

Ork Blood Bowl Team WIP

Blood Bowl Ork Team WIP for Squaduary Week 1

Already making progress on my Squaduary pledge and have an update on my Blood Bowl Ork Team WIP. As mentioned in my last WIP update, I wanted to paint them with purple armor and decided that orange would be a good spot color. At this point, I have half the team base coated and washed with brown. They look rough right now, and I hate showing this stage of painting, but as part of Squaduary, I need to show some updates right? So while this week of Squaduary was supposed to be build week, I already had the team built up and primed. So between the head start I already had and wanting to get the Stompa done this month as well, I have been plowing ahead. Colors: All colors are Vallejo Game Color. Dark Green Khaki Silver Parasite Brown Black Hexed Lichen Hot Orange Next steps Now that the first six are base coated I can start highlighting each color. I have the other six to do as well but need to wait for the …

Work in Progress Stompa and Inq28

Stompa Progress and Squaduary

Making good progress on the Stompa (still to be named) as I am focusing on his central body section before moving on the extra bits. I also have an update on the INQ28 squad and announcing my pledge for Squaduary. I’ve been working on adding more work in progress posts, in part because I know many of you like them, but it also relieves some pressure to create big, full posts every week. Stompa Progress I’ve been working on the Stompa during couch time and following the same steps as the Morkanaut. But the sheer size of this beast is a bit overwhelming. Not only is it about twice the height of the Morkanaut, but the surface area due to his bulk is massive. So I started by focusing on just the main body piece. While it’s the largest, once I get it done I can crank out all accessory pieces and glue them on as I go. At this point I have all the rusty metal done and the colored panels highlighted. I need …