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Blood Bowl Ork Team WIP for Squaduary Week 1

Already making progress on my Squaduary pledge and have an update on my Blood Bowl Ork Team WIP. As mentioned in my last WIP update, I wanted to paint them with purple armor and decided that orange would be a good spot color.

Ork Blood Bowl Team WIP

At this point, I have half the team base coated and washed with brown. They look rough right now, and I hate showing this stage of painting, but as part of Squaduary, I need to show some updates right?

So while this week of Squaduary was supposed to be build week, I already had the team built up and primed. So between the head start I already had and wanting to get the Stompa done this month as well, I have been plowing ahead.


All colors are Vallejo Game Color.

  • Dark Green
  • Khaki
  • Silver
  • Parasite Brown
  • Black
  • Hexed Lichen
  • Hot Orange

Next steps

Now that the first six are base coated I can start highlighting each color. I have the other six to do as well but need to wait for the rain to stop so I can prime them.