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Good Reads 41

Bringing together some awesome hobby blogs that I have found the last few weeks, Good Reads 41 has some good ones for you. So dive in, check out what your fellow hobby bloggers are up to, and leave them a comment.

Good Reads 41 with Awesome Hobby Content

How To: Chipped Paint

How to Paint Chipped Paint

Tutorial by Scott on The Brush WizardAdding chipped paint to a model is one of the basic ways of adding weathering. It can be as hard as you make it to be, but Scott shows a few steps to take to make them really pop. With only a few extra colors, you can give your models some extra character.

Birth of a Chaos Knight Titan

Chaos Knight Titan

Chaos Knight Titan by Thor of Creative Twilight

Anyone who finishes a Knight Titan deserves an award. And to do one with such incredible degree of details, Thor’s Chaos Knight Titan deserves an extra reward. Named Ironfate, Thor has put an amazing amount of work into painting him.

Converted Gal Vorbak

Converted Gal Vorbak

Gal Vorbak by Eric of PlasticMetalResin

Forge World’s models are epic, and the Gal Vorbak of the Word Bearers are no exception. The problem Eric ran into is that he already had five of them and didn’t want the second five to be copies. So instead, he converted all five Gal Vorbak with subtle changes like tentacles and heads.

Lots of Nurgle Green Stuff

Converted Nurgle Helbrute

Nurgle Helbrute by Svartmetall on Stepping Between Games

Rory is at it again with sharing one of his buddy’s work, this time with Svartmetall and his custom sculpted Nurgle army. There is a serious amount of awesome there that you really need to check out. My favorite is the Helbrute above, but there are a ton of other conversions in there as well.

Trying to Make Snow

Testing out How to do Snow Effects

Snow Tests by The Fantasy Hammer

Add snow to bases is one of the ways to add a story to where the models are fighting. But to make it looks believable can be hard. Wanting to test out some ideas, The Fantasy Hammer built up 8 ‘bases’ and tried different techniques on each. It’s a nice way to try something new.

Chaos Trolls

Converted Chaos Troll

Chaos Troll by GuitaRasmus of Bitter Old Painters

Not happy with the standard Troll models, GuitaRasmus put his crazy-awesome conversion skills to work and built up a trio of Chaos Trolls and a Soul Grinder. Some amazing creativity in these models and all those extra limbs.

Wrap Up

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