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Blood Bowl Tokens Done

As I try to get a few projects off my painting table, I knocked out the Blood Bowl tokens for both the Dwarf and Orc teams. I wanted them to match the players, but still be identified as tokens, as in mostly metal.

Finished Blood Bowl Tokens

Since I have now finished the Orc Team, The Mighty Squigs, and the Dwarf Team, The Golden Diggers, I figured I should get their tokens done as well. The idea to glue the tokens to the bases originally came from Scott on Twitter (@ryglore), and Thor (@Thor_Thorison) added the idea of gluing the coins as well.

Having the tokens glued to a base should make it much easier to move around and not lose the tiny balls. It should also be fun having the coins stand up on the sidelines.

Orc Blood Bowl Tokens

For my Orc team, I painted the purple and orange over random armor plates and icons. This was fitting for the Orc feel, and I carried it over to the tokens.

Blood Bowl Token Orc Reroll Counter

Since these are supposed to be tokens, I painted the whole thing silver before painting over different parts with the colors. For the Orc hand part, I only did a single glaze of Orkshade Green. Other areas were given a black wash to add some contrast.

Painted Orc Blood Bowl Balls

Two of the Orc balls are one-legged Squigs, a special ball you can put into play. These were painted leather brown before washes of Casandora Yellow and Vallejo Red Shade. Parts of the spiky balls were given the same treatment, figuring that Orcs use Squigs for everything.

And red ones go faster after all.

Orc Blood Bowl Team with Tokens

Even though I didn’t do the extreme highlight that I did on the players, the tokens match well.

Dwarf Blood Bowl Tokens

As the Dwarf team is more orderly, I painted their tokens uniform. Just as with the players, I used WarColours’ One-Coat Yellow to great effect. The blue is striking against the yellow and makes for a bright looking team.

Dwarf Blood Bowl Tokens

The beer foam was fun to paint, and I think it came out rather well. Tough I think I could have used more back lining on the face icon.

Dwarf Ancestor Blood Bowl Balls

The Dwarf special ball is a Master Crafted Rune Ball. These are made out of stone and are extra heavy. I figured they would use the same sapphire material as the gems on their uniforms. And as I look at these pictures, I realized I didn’t highlight the yellow… oh well.

The Golden Miners Blood Bowl with Tokens

I am still enjoying the yellow and blue look for the team.

Up Next

Well, the Mrs. has already confirmed she would get in some practice games with me so I can learn the game. I can then get the rest of my family to give it a try and maybe make a new family tradition.

The next team to go under the brush will be the Skaven. Then I want to get and/or convert some special players for each team. I have a box of Ogors, the Skaven Doom Bell, and the Blood Bowl Troll and Goblins. But at some point, I need to do a Forge World order for that nasty looking lawn/goblin mower.