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Good Reads 53

Despite the focus on all the exciting changes for 8th edition, there was still a bunch of awesome hobby working happening. So dive in and check this week’s Good Reads and be inspired by your fellow hobbyists.

Good Reads 53

For those new here, Good Reads is where I showcase some of my favorite hobby posts from the week. Some are fantastic tutorials, others are inspirational showcases, but all are worth checking out and giving the blogger a follow.

Bogged Down Durthu

Bog Durthu Conversion

Durthu Conversion by NafNaf

NafNaf is on a roll with his Sylvaneth. This week brings his reimagining of Durthu as a bog demon. Not only is there some excellent conversion skill going on here, but his use of texture paint is impressive.

Your Brain on Art

Image Photo courtesy of the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at UCLA.

Outside of the usual hobby sphere, I did find this interesting article that discusses neural scientists studying the brain activity of artists. While there isn’t anything substantive in the article, it is interesting to see scientists trying to understand what makes painters like us tick.

Art Imitating Art

Adding Doctor Strange Magic to Miniatures

Floating Magic by Dave G

I loved the Doctor Strange movie, and the cinematics was incredible. Dave G is also a fan and wanted to imitate the way they displayed magic throughout the film. Not only did he do an incredible job, but he put together an awesome tutorial for all of us to follow as well.

Anvil Kill Team

Kill Team using Anvil Industries Bits

Kill Team by Rory

I got my Shadow War book a bit late, so still trying to catch up on this kill team awesomeness. Rory jumped in with these awesome miniatures using Anvil Industries.  They give the team a hardcore look.

Cloud Dwarves

Kharadron Overlords Arkanaut Frigate

Arkanaut Frigate by Tyler

While the new Kharadron Overlords (cloud dwarves) themselves are still warming on me, their sky fleet is awesome looking. Not only did Tyler paint one up to his typical exquisite standards, but his write-up has some great tips for anybody painting theirs.

When Slaanesh Calls

Converted Slaanesh Chaos Space Marine Lord with Lightning Claws

Slaanesh Lord by Blazmo

While Slaanesh isn’t my favorite chaos deity from a design aesthetic, Blazmo’s Chaos Space Marine force he has been showcasing may bump them up a few notches. Between the conversions and fantastic paint job, his Chaos Lord here is excellent.

On Bikes, they Ride

Ravenwing Command Company

Ravenwing Bikers by Dave Weston

Dave has been hitting it off with his Ravenwing project, and this command company is rounding off the army. 13 bikes later and this great looking project gets his big purple stamp of completion.

The Orky Way

Big Mek Conversion with Kustom Force Field

Big Mek by Wudugast

And who doesn’t like Orks? With all the changes to 8th, it seems Orks are going to be a big hit again. Wudugast is joining the Waaaggghhh! with this Big Mek with Kustom Force Field. The paint job is a great example of a grimdark take on the normally colorful faction.

Good Reads 53 Wrapup

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