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Finished Blood Bowl Tokens

Blood Bowl Tokens Done

As I try to get a few projects off my painting table, I knocked out the Blood Bowl tokens for both the Dwarf and Orc teams. I wanted them to match the players, but still be identified as tokens, as in mostly metal. Since I have now finished the Orc Team, The Mighty Squigs, and the Dwarf Team, The Golden Diggers, I figured I should get their tokens done as well. The idea to glue the tokens to the bases originally came from Scott on Twitter (@ryglore), and Thor (@Thor_Thorison) added the idea of gluing the coins as well. Having the tokens glued to a base should make it much easier to move around and not lose the tiny balls. It should also be fun having the coins stand up on the sidelines. Orc Blood Bowl Tokens For my Orc team, I painted the purple and orange over random armor plates and icons. This was fitting for the Orc feel, and I carried it over to the tokens. Since these are supposed to be tokens, I …

A collection of my favorite family board games

My Favorite Board Games

While I haven’t been able to play a game of 40k in many years, I have built up a good collection of board games that I love playing with my family. Some are fun and quick games, others are epic times when family visits for the holidays. While some of these are more common than others, I’ve added all the games we have played multiple times and really enjoy. A few others have been dudes, or just way too much setup time. What’s great about most of these games is that they are fairly easy to learn and get playing. This is an important factor with two little boys in the house who want to “help.” 🙂 Note: The links below are affiliate links to Amazon. There is no price difference to you, but I do earn a small commission if you buy it. This is how I pay for hosting services and keep this site alive, so if you want an awesome game and support Broken Paintbrush, I would appreciate the clicks! These games …