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Watch This: Painting White

If you struggle painting white on your models, check out this week’s Watch This video. Here we have Dave G. from Wargaming Tradecraft showing you his method of painting this notoriously difficult color.

So without further ado, check out Dave’s video but check out my notes below.

Painting White Using Layers

Steps for Painting White

After watching the video myself I’ve put together my set of notes on his technique. I hope this cheat sheet can be useful as a handy reference to his video.

First Dave gives a fantastic set of tips for watering down paints:

  1. Add a blob of paint to your brush
  2. Dip only the tip of the brush (covered in the blob) into some water
  3. Mix them together on your palette

This provides a nice mix without added too much water to the layers, something I often struggle with. He has some great pictures showing this as well so catch his full article.

Moving into the layering white:

  1. (first few steps not shown in video)
  2. Spray white primer over the model
  3. Wash the whole model with black
  4. Add thin layer of Ceramite White, only to higher and flat layers
  5. Shouldn’t be streaking, if so, thin it down a bit more
  6. To make areas brighter, wait for the first layer to dry and add a second (or third) layer

The Wrap Up

I hope this video helps show how easy it can be to paint this notoriously difficult color. Dave does a great job of  making it simple. Make sure you give Dave a follow on YouTube for more of his great videos.