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Guest Post on Broken Paintbrush

So I’ve got to a point I want to add guest writers on Broken Paintbrush. In part, this is because I realize that I can’t keep up with everything else going on in my life, but I want to turn this site into something special for all my readers.

Guest Post on Broken Paintbrush

Why Guest Post?

So why would you want to guest post here? I put some common reasons to guest post below, so if you are wondering why you would even bother to write on somebody else’s blog (like mine), check them out and perhaps I can convince you to give it a try.

1. You don’t have a blog of your own

For those who don’t have your own blog, guest posting is the easiest way to try it out. You can skip trying to build a site and audience and just write something cool.

2. Want to reach a bigger audience

For new bloggers, it can be hard to get noticed, even with the great communities we have in our hobby. One way to do this is guest posting here which can get other people to know you and want to see more of your work

3. Boost SEO

For those who are web needs, guest posting can help increase your site’s ranking in search engines. By providing a few links to your site in the article, Google gives your site credit.

4. Revive an old post

Do you have a killer tutorial, editorial, or literature that you wish got more attention? Either guest post it here or write a new article that links back to it to give it new life.

Get the full scoop

So I wrote up a longer page for guest posting including some basic guidelines to follow on the Guest Posting page. The gist of it is, sign up to the form below if you are interested. I will send you details on how to get started.

Once your article is ready I will edit it and schedule to post!