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Watch This: Painting Tablescapes from Secret Weapon Miniature

Another new video is ready for Watch This series, this week is with Designer Warfare and painting Tablescape Tiles from Secret Weapon Miniatures. He paints up a few sections of the Urban Road (Clean and Damaged) with his airbrush for our enjoyment.

Watch This: Painting Tablescapes from Secret Weapon Miniatures

I’ve been looking at picking up some of these Tablescape Tiles for my own gaming table and found this video super helpful. I hope you enjoy his fairly quick video on painting the streets and check out my cheat sheet notes below for later reference.

Quick Reference for Painting Tablescapes

  • Due to the manufacturing, some tiles may have variations in the plastic color
    • Doesn’t affect the physical nature and is easily covered in primer
    • (large plastic injection molding is hard and can leave harmless ‘sunbursts’ in plastic)
  • Prime each tile with Grey Primer
  • Use Model Air Pale Blue Grey, focusing on the sidewalk areas
    • Keep some variation in the spray to add interest in each tile
    • Avoid the cracks and recesses
  • Paint craters with Army Painter Oak Brown
    • Start at center of each and work outwards
    • Avoid the rocks and debris
  • Add soot to craters with Model Air Black
    • Thin 1:5 to make it more like a transparent ink
  • Spray the largest cracks with thinned down black to add shadow
  • Handpaint all the metal areas with Army Painter Gunmetal
    • Be careful near the edges not to get it on the roadway or sidewalk
    • Rotate the tiles to make it easier to use the brush
    • Thin paints about 1:2 with airbrush thinner
  • Spray Secret Weapon Miniatures Concrete Wash to shade
    • Used over large areas to add variation
  • Mark the center of the road with a tape measure and marking it with water
  • Apply the 1/4″ masking tape along the center line
    • Double check each side and adjust as needed
    • Cut tape against center details like manhole covers
    • Actually recommended doing center stripes before weathering (lessons learned for you!)
  • Add 1″ painter’s tape to each side,
    • make sure it is 1/4″ away from center tape
    • Again, cut and press tape around raised features
  • Spray with Army Painter Demonic Yellow
    • Next time he would use more of an orange-yellow
  • Once yellow is dry, peel up the paint
    • Pulling it back against itself
    • May need to use knife to remove smaller pieces on raised sections
  • Re-apply wash to cracks along the yellow stripe
    • Wouldn’t need to do this if yellow was painted earlier
  • Apply Secret Weapon Armor Wash to metal areas
    • Stipple it around the surface to keep it uneven (more interesting)
  • Weather metal using AK Interactives Light Rust Wash
    • Add one large pool to certain areas and stipple outwards
  • Apply a Matte Clear coat to everything
    • (I would do about 4 on these gaming tiles)
  • Estimated 15 hours to paint the original 4 tiles
    • But only 5 hours for the other 8 (still has a bunch to go!)

Wrap It Up

I hope you enjoyed this Watch This video with Designer Warfare on Painting Tablescapes. You can check out his YouTube channel for more videos and give him a follow.

Have you painted up the Tablescapes sets? I am interested in how others have done it and how they work with various building manufacturers (Games Workshop, Pegasus Gothic, Mantic Deadzone, etc). If you have a post or pictures you can share, hit up the comments below so we can check it out!