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Good Reads Week 30

Looking for some hobby inspiration and modeling tips? This week’s Good Reads has you covered with bad primer,  all your bases, contempt, shiny yellow, and speedy lizards. Read on and explore something new!

Good Reads is where I gather some of my favorite hobby blog posts from other writers and share them with you. Why? Because it can be so darn hard to catch all the incredible things being created and may even introduce you to someone new. So check out the articles below and leave a comment on their blog to give them some love.

Fixing Grainy Primer

Fuzzy Primed Butts by Thor

Fuzzy Primed Butts by Thor

Getting a good layer of primer on your model is an often overlooked step in painting, but provides the critical canvas for your paints to adhere to. If your primer spray ended up being a texture spray from being too cold, too far away, or the moon being in the wrong alignment, check out Thor’s great tip on fixing this annoying problem.

Painting Desert Bases

painting a desert base

Desert Base by Nagroth

So I’ve got a new blog to feature here (well at least for me). Nazroth from Scar Hand Painting put together a great tutorial on painting simple, but great looking desert bases. Bases are something that I haven’t done a whole lot with so its great to see when others put together tutorials on them.

Thousand Sons Contemptor

Contemptor by Mordian

Contemptor by Mordian

Contemptor Dreadnoughts are pretty cool models, much more dynamic than the 40k versions. Combine that with the awesomeness that is Heresy Thousand Sons, and you have Moridan’s great look models.

Painting Non-Metalic Metals

Stormcast with NMM

Stormcast by Darren Latham

OK so this one is a few weeks old, but I wanted to add it in here. Painting master Darren Latham wrote up how he does non-metallic metals (NMM) including looking where lighting would come from and some amazingly painted miniatures.

Salamander Storm

Landspeeder Storm by Blazmo

Landspeeder Storm by Blazmo

So here is another new addition to my blog feed thanks to Mike’s Better Know a Blogger series. Blazmo shows off his completed Landspeeder Storm for his Salamander army. He traded out a bunch of bits to make them more exciting than the standard scouts.

 Bonus: Orruk Megaboss

Orruk Megaboss by Roman

Orruk Megaboss by Roman

I caught this one at the last minute and couldn’t pass him up. Roman did a fantastic job on the Orruk Megaboss with a few minor tweaks and some epic blue paint. (check out my review of the model here). Taking some ideas for my own.

Wrapping it up

Well, that’s it for this week.


And I agree! There are a bunch of awesome bloggers out there sharing their work and I either miss the post or haven’t yet found them. So drop me a link in the comments below and let me know! I’ll keep them in mind for the next Good Reads or add them to a Brush Stroke newsletter (sign up below!).