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Good Reads 6 with a focus on painting tutorials

Now that moving is settling down and Nurgle’s plague has ravaged our house, I can get back to posting up some great blog articles I have found around the net.

This week I’m trying something a bit different. Rather than using just posts from the last week I’ve been gathers them into different categories on Trello such as the one here for painting tutorials. I’m hoping this does two things: reduces the stress on me to post every week, and provide more focused reading for my readers. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Let’s start off with Tale of PaintersHow to Paint Blood Angles Death Company.

Tale of Painters How to Paint Death Company

Death Company by Stahly on Tale of Painters

Stahly has a great, very in depth tutorial on how he painted his Death Company marines. Black can be deceptively difficult to paint so his tutorial is helpful for any black armored soldier.

Next up Adam on Sprue Grey has a great tutorial on painting his Farseer.

Far Seer by Adam on Grey Sprue

Farseer by Adam on Sprue Grey

Not only does Adam give some great tips on painting the robes and free-hand designs, he also provides some background on his journey in the hobby and how he fell in love with the Eldar. I really like his list of tips on freehand, especially the last one: just do it.

Meg from Arcane Paintworks does a blasphemous thing and uses white to highlight red in her tutorial on painting red robes.

Bust by Meg Maples on Arcane Paintworks

Bust by Meg Maples on Arcane Paintworks

As she is painting her bust of Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones, she provided a really nice step-by-step of how she painted the amazing red robe and armor. They notable thing is, she recommends using white in the highlights, which turns the paint into a very gnarly shade of pink. The magic happens with her use of washes and glazes.

And we close off with Mordian’s beginning of a multi-part series on his blog Mordian7th where he is helping new painters.

Mordian7th's workspace

Mordian7th’s workspace

Mordian is known among the blog world as a high-output painter – finishing projects before others (like myself) finish a squad. Here he has started a series shining light on how he does his magic. In Step 1 he goes through all the tools he uses.

Enjoy the good reads, share the word with your fellow bloggers!