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Mentor Legion Command Squad WIP

I normally don’t like posting work in progress shots as the in between steps can be a bit embarrassing for me. After watching prodigious posters such as Moridan7th or Greggles share every step, it made me more confident to go ahead with my own.

So after unpacking the first project I threw my self into was finally working on my Mentor Legion Command Squad. I built these guys up a few years back to lead my ‘side project’ of Mentors into a full blown company.

Step One – Primer

Mentor Legion Command Squad WIP Step 1

The models were primed black with white over spray. I have found this to be the best balance between creating deep shadows and being able to paint lighter colors.

Step Two – Base Colors

Mentor Legion Command Squad WIP Step 2

Next up all the base colors were blocked in. I like the block-in, wash, highlight steps as they help me see where the model is going and provide nice incentive to finish the model once the wash is in place.

The colors I used for each block:

  • Green: Caliban Green
  • White: Pallid Wych Flesh
  • Yellow: Averland Sunset
  • Black: Abaddon Black
  • Metal: Leadbelcher
  • Red: Mephiston Red
  • Leather/Base: Baneblade Brown

You may notice that the company champion is already nearly finished. I painted him up to get the colors right after not having painted any Mentors in a long while.

Step Three – The Wash

Mentor Legion Command Squad WIP Step 3

For the wash I used a mix of:

Once the wash dried I also put a layer of clear coat to seal in the current colors. This is especially helpful on the metal captain as the paint can easily chip off as I’m handling him.

Step Four – Highlight White

Mentor Legion Command Squad WIP Step 4

And this is where I currently am. I have gone back over all the white armor and re-layered the Pallid Wych Flesh. At this point the squad is ‘table ready’ but a ways yet to go until finished.

So what do you guys think? Hit up the comments below 🙂