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Good Reads 5 – Panther, Rivers, Thunder Priest, and Fists

Welcome to Good Reads 5 where I highlight some of the Hobby Blogs from around the interwebs that caught my eye.

Good Reads 5

One of the things I love about our corner of the internet is that we hobby bloggers look at each other as companions in this journey and spur each other on. It is hard to find that anywhere else, so keep up the great work hobby bloggers, #warmongers, and readers alike!

Chaos Panther Beast

Chaos Panther Beast by TG Atwell

Built by TG Atwell at Dark Future Games

What happens when you combine the Glotkin, Maulerfiend, and a ton of green stuff? Well TG over at Dark Future Games made a crazy wicked Chaos Panther. Over the course of five or six posts, TG documented his progress from a pile of bits and a creative idea, into a very unique and inspiring conversion. Hopefully we see it painted soon TG!

Improving Premade Rivers

Repainted rivers by John Stiening

Painted by John Stiening

So John Stiening over at 40k Hobby Blog showed how you can take pre-painted river sections you can pick up for $18 on Amazon, and re-paint them into much more realistic terrain pieces. With just a few simple steps (like 4) he took a cartoony river of blue stuff and made a muddy, toxic-almost stream for your armies to fight over.

Iron Priest on Thunderwolf

Iron Priest on Thunder Wolf by NafNaf

Converted by NafNaf

I must admit, in the crazy world of 40k, I think the wolves-riding-wolves is plain silly, even more so lead by a wolf riding a floating wolf chariot, but that’s me. NafNaf, on the other hand, is making a whole army of Thunderwolves and wanted to add in an Iron Priest to fill a missing hole in GW’s product line. His conversion came out superb kitbashing Harald Deathwolf and a techmarine. Thunder Priest ho!

Painting Imperial Fists

Imperial Fists by Mordian 7th

Painted by Mordian 7th

So Mordian7th is one of those painters who seem to be able to paint a whole army over a cup of tea (or perhaps a pint?). After finishing his nice Heresy Era Thousand Sons, he switched sides to make some Imperial Fists. It was only a week or so ago he posted up his paint recipe for a typically challenge color and now has nearly finished his first 20-man tactical squad.

Wrap Up

Did you see a post that you think I missed? Hit up the comments below and share it with us, the hobby blog world is huge and I know that I am not only missing out on many great blogs, but it can be difficult to keep up and choose only a few for these posts.