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Good Reads 40

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Americans and to the rest of the world, happy Good Reads Day! Whether you are bored at your family’s house, or trying to make it to Friday, I hope the selection of hobby articles will help 🙂

Good Reads 40 Hobby Articles to Check Out

As I’ve taken a few weeks off to recover from Dreadtober, this week’s Good Reads is a bit longer. So sit back, click through the links, and enjoy a day of happy hobby reading!

Painting Space Marines

How to Paint Space Marines

Painting Space Marines by Garfy

The team at Tale of Painters is constantly putting out good looking models, and Garfy has been featured a few times in White Dwarf. Over the years he has put together a ton of tutorials as well, and now all his Space Marine painting guides are gathered in one place. It’s cool to see the colors and styles all together.

Mechanical Vermin Lord

Mechanical Vermin Lord

Vermin Lord by Jake at Ex Profundis

Going in the other extreme, Jake is showing off his WIP Skavan Vermin Lord built from a Knight kit! I’m not sure why he wants a twelve inch tall rat, but I am sure it would be intimidating to play against.

Quick and Easy Urban Bases

Easy Urban Bases Painting Tutorial

Bases by Mr. Pink

It’s easy to forget about the model’s base, but it can make a huge difference it the model’s composition. To get a set of Sector Imperialis bases down quickly, Mr. Pink gives tips on using simple drybrush and washes. There is even a part two that adds in masking fluid and rust effects.

Making Wargaming Trees

Realistic Wargaming Trees Tutorial

Gaming Trees by Dagger&Brush

Peithetairos creates artful scenes for his wargaming tables, with trees being a big part. It’s not a typical tutorial, but he gets a ton of advice for taking basic plastic/wire trees and turning them into realistic forests. A ton of reference shots and little details to add in.

Imperial Guard Spec Ops

Converted Spec Ops Imperial Guard

Spec Ops by Rory

Taking a step outside his Chaos Marines, Rory tried out some commission work with these Spec Ops Imperial Guard. Not only do they look great, but he was given a bunch of third party bits to use on them, making them truly unique.

Deleted Scenes of Burning of Prospero

Burning of Prospero Humor

Cust Scenes by Honda

To mix in some humor, Honda took the pictures from Forge World’s Burning of Prospero table and added his own deleted scenes commentary. Adds a new spin to the wonderful models on display and if I ever get the chance to see it in person I think I’ll have Dust in the Wind playing through my head too!

Converted Haemonculus/Raider/Flyer/… Thing

Converted Dark Eldar Haemonculus

Haemonculus by Mr. Pink

Mr. Pink’s Dark Eldar coven is among my favorite converted armies. Something about the dark kin make them ripe for disturbing and amazing conversions. In a peek inside his mental state, Mr. Pink shared the steps to create the Haemonculus transport… thing? Lots of greenstuff and creative use of bits.

Golden D6 Issue 8

Golden D6 Hobby Magazine Issue 8 with Painting Orks

Golden D6 Issue 8

While not exactly a blog post, Issue 8 of the Golden D6 is out and Adam knocked it out of the park yet again with his ability to pull together some awesome material and work with his designer to mold it into something very enjoyable to read. The article on painting ork skin is timely for me as I’ve been working on my Ork Megaboss at the moment. Note, this one is a referral link so if you buy the issue (and you really should!) I get a cut – a little way to support this blog if you will 🙂

Until Next Week

That’s it for this week’s Good Reads. I hope you found a couple of articles enjoyable and please share Good Reads with your friends!