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Good Reads 39 – Lots of Hobby Blog Goodness

Did you miss this awesome hobby posts for them last two weeks? Well I have you covered with some of my favorite (non-Dreadtober related) posts I found and want to share them with you!

Good Reads 39 - Hobby Blogs to Check Out

Magos Titus

Converted AdMech Magos

Magos by Apologist

Apologist is a constant source of amazing conversions. His AdMech Magos is no exception. That and the awesome fluff he wrote for it makes it well worth the read.

Genestealer Cults Rockgrinder

Goliath Rockgrinder by Amy

Goliath Rockgrinder by Amy

One of the cool aspects of the Genestealer Cult is their utilitarian look. Amy really brought this out with her Goliath Rockgrinder with that awesome red dust effect.

Building a Boat


Wooden boat by Alex

I’m not sure how this fits into our hobby, but I thought it was a cool diversion. Alex created a step-by-step tutorial for how he built this boat from wooden coffee stir sticks. Now that’s scratch built!

Marines and Paint Set

Marines by Zab

Marines by Zab

Want a hobby challenge, one that limits what you can use? Zab did that with painting up the Marine starter paint set. Only the 8 basic colors and press-fit marines. But they look awesome. He has a couple of WIP posts on it too that show his thoughts on color usage.

When Weathering Goes Bad

Shamelessly Stolen from Gothmog

Shamelessly Stolen from Gothmog

Bringing some perspective to the weathering rage, Gothmog shares his thoughts on weathering vehicles from his actual experience in service. It’s a good read even if you like making your tanks super rusted but could be a reality check for some of us.

That’s a Wrap

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Good Reads and found some awesome things to check out. Until next week, keep on hobbying!