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Good Reads 38 – Awesome Hobby Posts from this Week

Boom! Another collection of amazing posts from fellow Hobby Bloggers hits your news feed. Take a moment (or more) and check out what these guys are doing, be inspired, and learn a few tips along the way.Good Reads 38

Origin of the Deathwatch

Original Brother Artemis Mini from Games Workshop

Original Brother Artemis Mini from Games Workshop

Having been involved with Games Workshop for many years, Gav Thorpe recently shared his story on the genesis of Deathwatch and why Space Marines were included in the Inquisitor 54mm scale range.

Sylvaneth Treelord Ancient

Sylvaneth Treelord Ancient with flowers

Treelord Ancient by Turkadactyl

I’m claiming it now, if GW puts out one of the Christmas box sets for the Sylvaneth, I am finally giving in. In the meantime, I’ve really enjoyed Turkadactyl’s tree army grow, this week with his finished Treelord Ancient.

Getting Muddy

How to Make Muddy Bases

Mud Bases by James Wappel

I’m not the only one making muddy bases this week as James Wappel shows how he makes realistic mud bases using MIG powders. It’s great to see the different colors and approach he takes to hint at mud and splatter, without going overboard.

Painting a Golden Deamon Winner

Dark Eldar Wych Dual

Wych Receiving the bad end of a blow by Kirsten

In part II of the series, Rory shares Kirsten’s thoughts and steps on painting the Wych half of her dual. It’s awesome to see why she chose certain colors. Awesome tip from her post: use a soft, 4B pencil for marking freehand.

Update: Rory has added part III where she paints up the Seraphim.

Creepiest Army on Parade Ever

Creepy Army on Display

A small part of Wilhelm’s super creepy board

I’m pretty sure I’ve covered a few of Wilhelm’s creepy-awesome army build, but here he has outdone himself with his Army on Display board. Not only are there a few odd heads into the display, but it has three levels of monsters in the dark.

Mongo the Beast

Dave Taylor's Mongo from Dark Age

Mongo by Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor is a fantastic artist and this model, Mongo from Dark Age is a testament to his skills. Between the fantastic warm skin tones and the cool concrete blocks, it’s a great composition and great weathering.

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Well, that’s it for this week’s Good Reads. I hope you enjoyed the collection and left a comment for each of the bloggers!

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