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Dreadtober Showcase: The Base

All your base belongs to Dreadtober! This week our participants were challenged to build and paint a base for their dreadnought-sized model. Below is the Base Showcase, highlighting each of their progress and how they are doing.


Basecoat Painting Showcase

Note: Some are copied from last week as they weren’t able to make progress (life ya know!) or have already finished. But I still want to highlight the awesome work everyone is doing.



So the base for my dreadnought is designed after the red rocky terrain of Mars. I started with a blank base and a piece of 1/4″ thick cork. This way the dreadnought will stand over most other models. I broke away pieces until I liked the shape fitting on the base and so the dreadnought could stand nicely on it.

Then I painted the whole base brown to start. Then layered on the cracked earth technical paint Martian Ironearth. After letting that dry I touched up any spots I missed with Tuskgor Fur, then I drenched the base in Argax Earthshade. After that dried, a bit of dry brushing with Squig Orange brought out some highlights.

Instagram: albatron

Daniel Givens

Daniel Givens Dreadnought

I decided to break from how I did my first two dreadnoughts, and went with how I’m starting to go with the rest of my vehicles. I do the normal highlighting, then using a sponge, dab some Ironbreaker to some high points and then follow with some Typhus Corrosion sponged on over top. I think it gives a nice weathering effect. I also painted over the decals by sponging on some of the Macragge Blue I used for the base and painted over it with (I think) Ulthuan Grey to give them a bit of texture.

Instagram: daniel_givens



So playing some catch up this week and next. I was able to get the base coat down and I am working on some other base colors now. My style of modeling usually leaves the base to the end so I can work it after I see how my mini looks all finished up, so it will be the last thing I do haha.

Link to my latest progress :

Facebook: vigilanteminiatures



Nurgle bestowed his blessings on me the last two weeks, so I got a bit behind. But Murderfang is base coated and has his first wash. I’ll be catching up this weekend with his base and starting his details.

Twitter: chickhammer  | Blog:



Catching up on #dreadtober project. Painting done, washes and highlights done. Transfers are next, which I’m looking forward to. I’ve got a test base that I did a while back, but need some more bits for the “ruined industrial” bases I have themed my Iron Hands with. Waiting to connect with a buddy who has some Hirst Arts molds that fit the bill perfectly.

Facebook: NarrativeGuys

Grenn Dal


This week I worked on my basing for my Dragoon. I kept with the theme of my other Skitarii vehicles. I also added a second Dread to my challenge. you can find out more Here.

Twitter: grenndal  | Blog:



Killa Kan progress. Most the base coats are on, still a few more to go. Then on to touch ups.

Twitter: Nayr00 

Joe B.


Last week I made some great progress and not only finished the base, but also wrote up a giant tutorial on basing techniques. Next up is the decals and weathering to finish him off.

Twitter: brknpaintbrush  | Facebook: brokenpaintbrush | Instagram: brknpaintbrush

 Kyle Haydon

Kyle Contemptor Dreadtober

Progress this week went smooth aside from snipping off a thumb claw, which still needs patching. The claws are my principle addition to this already spectacular model – but the studded pturges help fill in its shape and movement I think!r

Instagram: kyle.haydon – primary spot for the WIP work!

Twitter: KyleHaydon  | Instagram: kyle.haydon | Blog:



I have played around with iron corrosion, the new GW texture paints and my favourite basing material: laser-cut ferns.





Da Skreema Killa is almost done, just a few highlights and then the base. My bases are typically very plain as I prefer the focus to be on the model, but this one obviously had the Raven Guard on it. Trying to arrange a time before the end of the challenge where my friend can paint the Raven Guard while I paint the ork casualty on the base of his dreadnought.

Twitter: normnondo

The Mad Mek



Sooooooooooooo far behind!  Highlights, a few details and the base.  Crunch Time!


Mihalis “Cadaver” Skalkos


I have been working on the weathering of my model, no actual work on the base yet, just some basic colors. Hope that this is ok with this weeks challenge. Truth is that I didn’t have much to do with the base since it was a resin one. Hopefully I will finish it off when I reach my brushes again. You can read more about my progress on


Lonely Kitbasher


I’ve finished my dreadnought! Seeing as we’re not quite halfway into the month yet, I’ve had a go at starting another, just for a bit of a laugh. I’ll have to source another land raider power plant from somewhere now.

Blog: | G+: D Powers



I drilled down into the Devoured and took him to about 80%. I’m going to bring the other two up to the same level hopefully this week, then do decaling and final details. You can check out the blog post for more pictures

Blog: | Instagram: eleive1

Anthony aka MasakiSayz


Progress has slowed down a bit, this has been a busy week. Still trying to nail down the freehand checkers, but they’re off to a good start.

G+: AnthonyPaoliMasakiSays




Not only is Rory building the awesome dread above, but is hosting a few of his friends’ projects as well. Make sure you check them out in his Dreadtober Part 4 post. There are some amazing projects he his hosting so make sure to check them out!

Twitter: macantsagart  | Blog:

Doug Kus


I finished my base, opting for a lava flow of sorts. I still have some detail work to iron out on the model, and then Trapjaw will be ready to rock the gaming tables.

Dreadtober – Week 4 update | Bare Hand Fishing




I’ve made good progress on painting my Venerable Dreadnought, and have the base built and primed. y Raven Guard models is always a treat, as the scheme is simple but allows for plenty of little details to be added.

The link to my blog post about the topic:


Black Shield


Progress has been slow lately, but still finding time . Currently focussing on the body, and banner. Banner is lacing something, not sure what to add to it . Still lots to be done.

Twitter: squizzato_eric



I wanted to go for a naturalistic scheme compared to the red dread. Spent far too much time trying to get a concrete colour I liked! White balance is slightly off, so looking forward to photo tip week 🙂

Blog: | Twitter: arkhanist

Dan D.


lots of progress pics. Bottom of model is coming together. Not sure I like the teeth, I bought some different metallic to try and mute the shine a bit. Next up is dry-brushing the wings. Base is pretty much done, so I can get more painting done during base challenge week 😉

Niklas D.


No real progress this weekend, school and activities got in the way.

Dave S


Progressed well this week, base coats and weathering are down for the Domitar. Hairspray chipping on the shoulder pads went really well.I also re-designed her staff and am currently resculpting the tabard.


In a move I am bound to regret when I run out of time at the end, I decided to add a stretch goal in the form of a Deathwatch dread, truescaled to match the marines I’m working on.

Blog: | Instagram: thepolysmith



Most of the detail done, base and minor detail to finish.

Facebook: Forged in the Warp | Twitter: thefleshtearer



So, my week has taken a few unexpected turns and the build has not progressed as anticipated. I have, however, also made a start on the base – so ahead on one part, behind on another…

I’ll be doing my best to reclaim ground on the project in the coming days!

Blog: Dakka Dakka

Darren Bogus


Base colors blocked in and washed. Highlighting started. The base is glued with sand. I’ll add grass when it’s painted.

Twitter: darrenbogus



I’m happy to say that I’ve finished ahead of schedule. I still need to work up a base for him, but I’ll postpone that for another day when I have time to work on all of the other derelict bases in need of love.




Week 3 was busy, but I was able to make some good progress! Most of the trim is done, some detail work is completed, and almost everything has been washed. Next week I’ll be focusing on highlights, additional detail work, and if I’m lucky my first attempt at battle damage. Nothings glued together, hence the rather large gaps in the pictures while it is still dry fit.

Twitter: Mike_Schreiner_  | Blog:


NafNaf Space Wolf Contemptor

Running a bit behind but here is my progress so far. Finished the build now. Trickiest bit was the posing with the left leg and sculpting the bit Inhad carved out. Happy with the final result though, and all the space wolves bling really makes him part of the Vlka Fenryka!

Twitter: NafNaff81  | Blog:



I’ve kicked things up a notch by adding in a half-painted SW Contemptor I need to finish for a Tournament this month. Pretty well on pace, since I don’t really need to worry about basing.


Dean Kelly


As per the brief, this week’s efforts focused on basing. I have a basing scheme I apply to all my models (ash waste with snow and scrubby grass) but I felt I needed something more for the Kans – they are basically a heavy block of red & metals and I needed something else to contrast. That said, I don’t want to go mental adding other colours to the Kans themselves so I’ve taken a step toward the solution by adding some snotlings to the bases.

Blog URL for this weeks’ work:



So here are my WIP photos for the build week. As you can see I added did a little repositioning of the legs to help the contemptor look like he was moving forward and look a bit more aggressive.


Additionally, I added the World Eaters iconography from the Forgeworld etched brass set. The skulls on the left shoulder are from the GW skulls bitz blister and the chain is just jewelry chain I picked up from the hobby shop. Finally, I sculpted the ablative armor nodes on the left leg using greenstuff. All in all, a few simple modifications that I think give the model a lot more character. I’m stoked to start painting!

Blog: 30khobbyblog



Crossed the finish line with Brother Nihilus, as I had an October 15th deadline to get him finished for the Armies on Parade event going on at the local GW shop. Continuing experiments with the marbling effect turned out pretty neat, definitely going to be trying it out on future projects in different colors!


Jamie Searle


Brother-Thanatos Deathwatch Dreadnought, previously of the Red Hunters is now complete. I’m very pleased with how it’s turned out. Some of the details could have been a little cleaner, but big success. With three of my four Dreadnoughts complete I’ve started on a fifth to fill out the month. A heavily weathered World Eaters Contemptor.

Twitter: DrakePoldragon  | Blog:



It isn’t pretty but the first layers of paint are down. Now to start building up those colours and getting the details in. More WIP picts in the blog post.



Thomas Khrone Chaos Dreadnougt

Progression is pretty good, I got the most of the main base colours down, including the first rough wash and weathering. I’m currently relayering the orange and will start going of the details soon. I will try and experiment a bit the plasma glow once I get there. The paint scheme is of my Chaos Space Marine warband the Lords of Ascension. Here’s a link to the latest WIP post:




Armies on Parade slowed my progress this week (got bronze!). Attached are my base layers painted: bone white spray, 50-50 Agrax Earthshade and Lahmian Medium mix in recesses and rivets, with Lamenters Yellow glaze slathered on top.  Next step is details and cleanup!

Blog: | Instagram: hobbyvices


CJ Catellax

I took my Castellax apart this week so that I can clean it up and give it a bit less static pose.


Harry Wagstaff


Reasonably happy with how the bases have come out but I’m quite far behind with painting the actual models!


G+: HarryWagstaff



I’m almost finished the major parts of the model. “Only” some smaller parts like spikes, tongues and and eyes are left. Still suppose that I’ll need the rest of next week to get them done.

Twitter: Wolfsherz  | Blog: | Instagram: wolfsherz._

Dan from The Narrative Guys


Travel schedules have played havoc with progress. Attaching the dread to the bases turned out to be very difficult. It was very hard to get them to stand the way I wanted them to and get the pins lined up with something that I could drip into. Lesson learned, think more about where the model will stand on big models while building the base.

Project Link:

Facebook: NarrativeGuys 


I have had 3 dreads at various stages of finished-ness so I’m using #Dreadtober as motivation to complete these models.

Paul Graddon Dreads

So far I have been working on laying down a basecoat on the least completed pieces, and little shading work and chipping the paint work.

Facebook: paul.graddon.5

Andrzej Mezynski


Well, my model is fully done to the best of my abilities. I won’t compare it to other painters, but it irks best model I painted, even though it was hard both to assemble and to paint. I’m quite glad of the outcome. Base of model is nothing fancy. Just one of the new texture paints range – Astrogranite Debris.

Twitter: AndrzejMezynski



Things are going well – focusing on the details now, and adding shades. Likely will start looking into the base next week.

Twitter: popculturecube | Instagram: popculture_cube



Along the lines of the last Basing update, here’s the terrified grot about to be punted into the next life.

Initially I thought of some kind of alien invasion hybrid base, but then it would’ve made the dread look out of place with the rest of my Deathwatch army. Rummaging around in my bits box turned up this scared grot who just wanted to be somewhere else and a bit of rubble from the Assassinorum set for him to hide behind. It adds a nice little bit of character without being distracting.

Final build and blog post at




This week has been slow, I just managed to squeeze in one good evening of painting. Got the main colors and metal parts done but not much more.

Twitter: makkeru | Blog:

Rob @ iToysoldiers


And here’s the base. It’s the first Sector Imperialis base I’ve painted up and I have to say I’m pretty happy with it. It matches my table. Woo hoo!

More on the modelling project page:

Twitter: iToysoldiers  | Blog: | Instagram: iToysoldiers

Dave Mary


Completed remaining weapon options, cleaned up some issues and worked more on the highlights. Next week I’ll have to call this project done, but it’s still another week to stare at the project and consider heat effects, additional highlights, etc…

Blog post with update:




Progress with model and base.

Twitter: wolf86sven



Hi, base is done. Quite happy with it. Some debris added then some sand and washes and a bit of dust. Just fine details to do now

Twitter: sav10g 



Been working away this week so only just managed to get some colour on it!

Instagram: ultramarine__blue



Progress: Overall I’m pretty much done with painting my dreadnought. I tried to use brighter colors to contrast against the abbadon black and Caliban green.



Progressing slowly but surely with this B@C Contemptor Dread, the torso is now done and his Assault Cannon arm is in progress. His base has been finished of with some dead Necron pieces and my usual flock patches to give a tiny bit of colour, matching my existing army bases.

 I placed the torso at a slight angle to convey movement with the rear leg alteration, he looks like he is turning. The motto is the first half of the Relictor battle cry “Strength of will, Courage of will!” and will do nicely for his name.



Getting into the colours now and the model is starting to look more interesting. Unsure which way to go with the right shoulder (gold or black) weekend comming up so looking forward to more hobby time. 🙂

Twitter: jtuvminis



The base is a combination of metallics as a base coat, followed by a coating strickland mud. While the paint was still wet I threw burnt cinders on top of the mud and whisked it with a brush. The cinders started clumping together to give some depth to the base and I added some of that texture to the feet of the dread.

I’ll put the finishing touches on it soon, I’ve been busy building and priming a death company ally detachment as well as some kill team models which you can check out on my Twitter.

Twitter: ultima_ant



48 hours late, but Bob’s up and walking, sorry about the delay

Twitter: sonofultramar | Blog:

Adam Abramowicz


Between unpacking and setting back up my studio, I was able to build up this dreadnought.

Blog: | Facebook: beyondthebrushstudios | Instagram: beyondthebrushstudios


chris-dread-wipFinished major highlights trying to do these with airbrush. And I started blocking in some of the major colors on the arms

Instagram: Relic_Knights_Studio

Rob J


I was gifted the models of the Dark Vengeance set by my Sister and Brother-in-law. Since I have a wife and three young children, I hobby on a budget and nothing can be wasted. I am attempting to convert this Hellbrute into an acceptable proxy for a Venerable Dreadnaught for my Dark Angels.



Since I am a chaotic painter I’m glad I was finally in the mood to add edge highlights to my dreadnought. Still a long way to go, though.

Twitter: blazoncek  | Blog:



I’ve got one Dragoon pretty close to done. I need to finish up some decals and add weathering, then finish the base. I have a full base coat down on the next, and I’m working on the third before I wash them down and start adding highlights. This Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus army is still pretty new for me so there’s still a lot of experimentation going on. Check out the lightning arcs on the taser lance, though!

Blog: | Twitter: linguartisan

Patrick H


Dread painting meet nothing but setbacks all week. Dread one got 4 coats of paint just to get a base coat, and dread two didn’t get based at all. The paint I chose came out like water from the airbrush. I’m hoping it was a bad batch and I have more on the way for try number two on dread number two.

I’m behind across the board but I think I can get caught up.




There hasn’t been much progress this week as I’ve been swamped. I’m hoping to get some hobby time this weekend.

G+: MattFussell



At this stage after, I was happy with the pose I started working on the base. I ended up making 6 different base designs, and casting them in plastic. This makes it very easy to pin the model to the base, which allows for some more dynamic poses. Base style seems a little too flat though…

Instagram: ComradeQuiche

The Drill Abbot


As for my heresy-era Alpha Legion Contemptor for #dreadtober, things hit a bit of a delay the past week or so. I had worked ahead on basecoating and some highlights, so I’m not too far behind, though. I am not doing anything super detailed with the base itself.

Just threw some Astrogranite and Agrax Earthshade on it so far to get a dirty rubble look. I want the focus to be on the model, though, so I doubt I’ll do more than a little tuft or two of static grass to break it up. Next step is some major weathering and details like eye lenses.

Twitter: DrillAbbot

Jack Shrapnel


Basically once I finished the Khorgorath I just really hated the head of the thing, wasn’t stoked about the oval base it was on, or the fact he was somehow made to stand on a rock with a tree on it. I thought I’d be okay with it once it was done, but in my mind the face of the thing is a really bad design that is hard to read.

Off to the bits box I went, and found some stuff to make the base cooler (a khorne symbol a friend had given me) and figured the bloodthirster head fit the model a lot better.

It may not be a Khorgorath anymore exactly, but I actually might field it now


Did I miss yours?

At the time of writing this, there are 116 people signed up Dreadtober. Which is both awesome and a bit overwhelming! So if I didn’t get your pledge posted above (or got it messed up), sorry and just let me know! Look for an email like “Dreadtober Challenge #4: Call for Showcase” and hit reply, or leave a comment below.

Next Up: Painting the Details

As this has gone up late, the next challenge is released where we paint the details and finish the models. By October 31st the idea is to have a fully finished dreadnought (or similar) that each of us is happy with.