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Dreadtober Challenge: Paint the Details

Let’s finish this! This is it my friends, the final week to paint your models for Dreadtober. Welcome to Challenge #5: Finish Your Model.

Finish the Model Challenge

We are now in the last week of October with the deadline of Saturday, October 29th and the very much, hard stop, never go past it (just kidding) deadline. Up to this point, each of you has been challenged to plan, build, start painting and finish the base.

Now it’s time to finish it.

Challenge: Finish Your Model

This week’s challenge is relatively straightforward: finish painting your dreadnought. Perhaps you need to add weathering, decals, and final highlights. Maybe you need to catch up. Some of you might even be starting just now.

Whatever needs to be finished, your challenge is to finish it this week.

Result: Your Completed Dreadtober Modeled

By Saturday I will be posting the Finished Model Showcase where I hope each of your will have completed your Dreadtober Pledge. We can all rejoice in completing this epic journey together and enjoy the fruits of our tears.

If Saturday does come and go and you just can’t get it completed, do not fear! We still have on more challenge left. Next week I will challenge you to improve your photography skills and take the best picture possible of your model. This means you could sneak in a few extra hours before the final showcase 🙂

Helpful Tutorials

To help you finish your models, I found a selection of tutorials. Hopefully, these can help you get past hurdles, inspire you to try something new, or just interesting to read.

Weathering Vehicles

Adding some weathering? I’ve got a Watch This with OrcPainterNerd with a three-part series on weathering a tank.

Greg does some fantastically weathered Orks but requires chipping fluid early on, so instead, I point you to how he weathered one of his bases.

Or check out this thread on Wamp that shows how to apply weathering powders (on a dreadnought fitting enough!).

And finally, Garfy shares his method for weathering his Ultramarines.

Heat Staining the Right Way

When the big guns are working overtime to blast away the enemy, they get hot. And hot metal starts to change colors. Tibbs saw how many painters were painting these colors all wrong and decided to help us all paint heat staining the right way – which looks awesome by the way.

Applying Decals and Freehand

Freehand is something I still struggle with, which is why I often cheat and use decals to create a starting point. I wrote up two different articles on this, one for Space Marine Banners and another for my Knight Titan heraldry.

Sealing Your Model

After all that hard work to paint all those details, it’s important to seal it in and protect the paint from chipping. This is where clear varnish comes into play. Dave has yet another great article on how to use spray varnish and avoid the horror stories whispered about with this (should be) clear paint.

Not Seeing What You Need?

Remember that Dreadtober is meant to be a social, community challenge. So if you are getting stuck, need some input, or an inject of motivation, hit up the #dreadtober hashtag and let us chime in!
We are in this together and are a global community of hobbyists.

Let’s Get It Done

So my Dreadtober friends, let’s finish our models and celebrate our accomplishments this week. I look forward to seeing your models.