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Dreadtober Basecoat Painting Showcase

We are half way through the Dreadtober challenge and our participants have completed the third challenge: Paint your Miniature (with base colors). As you check out their progress below, keep in mind that each week’s challenge is more of guidance and not everyone follows it exactly.  Some have already finished, others are just getting started!

Dreadtober Basecoat Showcase

In the end we are all having fun building and painting an awesome dreadnought-like model! Check out their progress below, leave them a comment below, or give them a follow to see more of their work.

Basecoat Painting Showcase

Note: Some are copied from last week as they weren’t able to make progress (life ya know!) but I still want to highlight the awesome work everyone is doing.


3rd Company Imperial Fists Venerable Dreadnought

Albie 3rd Company Imperial Fists Venerable Dreadnought

I’ve made a lot of progress on this Venerable Dreadnought in the last week and it is practically finished! All that is left are the little things.

The Imperial Fists colors are tough. Yellow is a terror, but I like the way it looks. Some techniques I have used other models are present here…

  • Yellow: Citadel Yriel Yellow layered up and shaded with Citadel Reikland Fleishade.
  • Golds: Valejo Model Color Flat Earth with Citadel Hashut Copper on top and shaded with Citadel Nuln Oil.

Instagram: albatron

Daniel Givens

Daniel Givens Dreadnought

I decided to break from how I did my first two dreadnoughts, and went with how I’m starting to go with the rest of my vehicles. I do the normal highlighting, then using a sponge, dab some Ironbreaker to some high points and then follow with some Typhus Corrosion sponged on over top. I think it gives a nice weathering effect. I also painted over the decals by sponging on some of the Macragge Blue I used for the base and painted over it with (I think) Ulthuan Grey to give them a bit of texture.

Instagram: daniel_givens


AJs Work in Progress

Progress is good! Had some issues with the airbrush on my highlights, but we will see how it goes. Magnets are set.

Facebook: vigilanteminiatures


Ashely Murder Fang Dreadnought

Finished my assembly this week. He’s a really fun model, I’m really looking forward to putting some paint on him his week.

Editor’s Note: Ashley did an awesome shoutout on the 40k Radio podcast for Dreadtober too! Check out Episode 6 around the 30 minute mark (listen to the rest for great 40k as well!)

Twitter: chickhammer  | Blog:



All the info should be here:

Facebook: NarrativeGuys

Grenn Dal


I have started the painting process and have the main colors laid down on the walker. Next up will be the secondary color and then finally the highlights.

Twitter: grenndal  | Blog:



Killa Kan progress. Most the base coats are on, still a few more to go. Then on to touch ups.

Twitter: Nayr00 

Joe B.

Using bonewhite to highligh purity seals and parchment

I have all the base colors, wash, and highlights completed. Next up is to complete the base before going back and doing the weathering and decals. I wrote up a painting tutorial for anyone wanting to learn how to paint Mentor Legion or even any of the colors I used.

Twitter: brknpaintbrush  | Facebook: brokenpaintbrush | Instagram: brknpaintbrush

 Kyle Haydon

Kyle Contemptor Dreadtober

Progress this week went smooth aside from snipping off a thumb claw, which still needs patching. The claws are my principle addition to this already spectacular model – but the studded pturges help fill in its shape and movement I think!r

Instagram: kyle.haydon – primary spot for the WIP work!

Twitter: KyleHaydon  | Instagram: kyle.haydon | Blog:



The majority of base colours are down and it isn’t much to look at. I have chosen a bunch of colours that I wouldn’t usually use together, but they fit the Deathwatch/Techmarine scheme. Next I will be adding a shirt-load of depth to everything.



 Norm Deathskull Deff Dread WIP

Currently on the second color. As Deathskulls, I pick somewhat random bits to be blue or other shades of metallic to represent looted bits. I use both ultramarines and crimson fist colors, and then as a spot color, and to show they don’t just loot imperials, I usually have a bit or two painted up in Bad Moon colors. Those are yet to come on this one.

Twitter: normnondo

The Mad Mek

Mad Mek Wrecking Deff Dread

I am working on a rescue model. A lot of the original parts were damaged or lost. I replaced one of the arms with a Wrecking Ball and went to two big shootas.


Mihalis “Cadaver” Skalkos


I managed today to finally put some paint on my Death Guard dread. I attach my work in progress. Just some airbrush work at the moment, with some basic shades and highlights. Hope you like it. Hopefully, I will update my blog soon with more info.


Lonely Kitbasher


I’ve finished my dreadnought! Seeing as we’re not quite halfway into the month yet, I’ve had a go at starting another, just for a bit of a laugh. I’ll have to source another land raider power plant from somewhere now.

Blog: | G+: D Powers



I’ve put together my 3rd Dreadnaught, The Deacon and I have base coated all 3 of my Dreads.

Blog: | Instagram: eleive1

Anthony aka MasakiSayz


Progress has slowed down a bit, this has been a busy week. Still trying to nail down the freehand checkers, but they’re off to a good start.

G+: AnthonyPaoliMasakiSays


Thousand Sons Hellbrute - ghost skin failure.

Ok so taking pictures with a flash on never looks good but this was a real downer this week, I got a lot of work done and sat back and thought it looked pants. Not a happy Lord of Change me. I will have to come back at it soon and see what I can do. My plan is to go for an almost ghostly flesh with this one and then later on cover the metal in writing/scripture/spells. I know that sounds a bit Word Bearer like but I am planning to use this Hellbrute for a Hellcult, a living icon of Chaos. I wouldn’t be shocked to have sorcerers use it as a walking spell book with an attitude problem.

Bonus: Rory’s Guests

Not only is Rory building the awesome dread above, but is hosting a few of his friends’ projects as well. Make sure you check them out – oh and he has some bonus LARP shots in there as well!

Twitter: macantsagart  | Blog:

Doug Kus


My ‘Trap jaw’ helbrute has been base painted and then washed in a heavy mix of Paynes Gray and glazing; however, I still have quite a bit of detail work to complete. Still, it’s progress!



theRhino Dreadnought

I’m out of town until next week. Before I left, I blocked in most of the colors on my Raven Guard Dread. Normally, I paint one color at a time, start to finish. This is my first time painting multiple colours before advancing. It should save me some frustration when I get to the Nuln Oil wash.


Black Shield


Progress has been slow lately, but still finding time . Currently focussing on the body, and banner. Banner is lacing something, not sure what to add to it . Still lots to be done.

Twitter: squizzato_eric


Been struggling to get the battery to fit inside for the LEDs, so new plan with smaller battery. Meant more magnets on the dread chassis, but week’s been busy with the daughters so no paint yet this week.

Blog: | Twitter: arkhanist

Dan D.



lots of progress pics. Bottom of model is coming together. Not sure I like the teeth, I bought some different metallic to try and mute the shine a bit. Next up is dry-brushing the wings. Base is pretty much done, so I can get more painting done during base challenge week 😉

Niklas D.



No real progress this weekend, school and activities got in the way.

Dave S


Progressed well this week, base coats and weathering are down for the Domitar. Hairspray chipping on the shoulder pads went really well.I also re-designed her staff and am currently resculpting the tabard.


In a move I am bound to regret when I run out of time at the end, I decided to add a stretch goal in the form of a Deathwatch dread, truescaled to match the marines I’m working on.

Blog: | Instagram: thepolysmith


BruceT Flesh Tearers Dread

I’m away this week, so I’ve ploughed ahead to make sure I don’t fall behind. I printed off some transfers from B&C, but I’m not satisfied with the result. I’ve asked a friend who is a graphics whizz to see if he can help!

Facebook: Forged in the Warp



So, my week has taken a few unexpected turns and the build has not progressed as anticipated. I have, however, also made a start on the base – so ahead on one part, behind on another…

I’ll be doing my best to reclaim ground on the project in the coming days!

Blog: Dakka Dakka

Darren Bogus



I filled in the gunmetal and washed it. Armies on Parade ate up some time, so I didn’t complete as much as I’d like this week.

Twitter: darrenbogus



My progress this week is about blocking in the colors on the dread–which I expect to have completed painting by next week. The color scheme is going to be very primary in nature–emulating the classic 2nd edition Ultrmarines that I use throughout my army. You can see more information (and photos) on my blog at this post:




Week 3 was busy, but I was able to make some good progress! Most of the trim is done, some detail work is completed, and almost everything has been washed. Next week I’ll be focusing on highlights, additional detail work, and if I’m lucky my first attempt at battle damage. Nothings glued together, hence the rather large gaps in the pictures while it is still dry fit.

Twitter: Mike_Schreiner_  | Blog:


NafNaf Space Wolf Contemptor

Running a bit behind but here is my progress so far. Finished the build now. Trickiest bit was the posing with the left leg and sculpting the bit Inhad carved out. Happy with the final result though, and all the space wolves bling really makes him part of the Vlka Fenryka!

Twitter: NafNaff81  | Blog:



I’ve kicked things up a notch by adding in a half-painted SW Contemptor I need to finish for a Tournament this month. Pretty well on pace, since I don’t really need to worry about basing.


Dean Kelly


I’ve got all the base colours and highlighting done on the main panels of the models and done a little dry brushing on the bases. There’s still a lot of work to do on the detailing and weathering, but I’m on schedule and still very much enjoying the project – thanks!

Blog URL for this weeks’ work:



So here are my WIP photos for the build week. As you can see I added did a little repositioning of the legs to help the contemptor look like he was moving forward and look a bit more aggressive.


Additionally, I added the World Eaters iconography from the Forgeworld etched brass set. The skulls on the left shoulder are from the GW skulls bitz blister and the chain is just jewelry chain I picked up from the hobby shop. Finally, I sculpted the ablative armor nodes on the left leg using greenstuff. All in all, a few simple modifications that I think give the model a lot more character. I’m stoked to start painting!

Blog: 30khobbyblog



Crossed the finish line with Brother Nihilus, as I had an October 15th deadline to get him finished for the Armies on Parade event going on at the local GW shop. Continuing experiments with the marbling effect turned out pretty neat, definitely going to be trying it out on future projects in different colors!


Jamie Searle


Brother Thanatos, my Red Hunter Deathwatch Dread is coming on nicely, base coating is complete and details are getting added.

As a bonus Codicer Tuvian, my Angels Sanguine Librarian Dread is now fully finished. Base and all, highlighting and weathering the black was a learning experience, as was playing with transfers to create an Angels Sanguine Chapter symbol. My other two Angels Sanguine Dreads are also almost fully base coated, so all progress is up to pace. 🙂

Twitter: DrakePoldragon  | Blog:



So whilst others are celebrating the first layers of paint I’m only just completing the conversion itself. The extra time has proved worthwhile however, the model is looking very much as I first imagined it. Now I just need to get this bad boy painted!



Thomas Khrone Chaos Dreadnougt

Progression is pretty good, I got the most of the main base colours down, including the first rough wash and weathering. I’m currently relayering the orange and will start going of the details soon. I will try and experiment a bit the plasma glow once I get there. The paint scheme is of my Chaos Space Marine warband the Lords of Ascension. Here’s a link to the latest WIP post:



Building a complete, modern Forge World model has been exciting for me. The only other experience with FW models was when I made the old (resin!) Valkyrie in the early 2000’s.

Andrew Dart Contemptor Dreadnought

This contemptor dreadnought will be the centerpiece for my new force of Imperial Fists. I’m hoping to portray the entire force as veteran soldiers, their armor ancient relics from past campaigns. As a result in mixing in Mk IV armor, contemptors, and other “relics” into my standard 40k force. I haven’t done anything special to the model as I think it’s wonderfully designed as it is – though I will have to repair a knee plate I accidentally cracked.

More shots of my progress and ongoing campaign (with friend and Dreadtober contributor Kyle.Haydon) can be found on my Instagram: @hobbyvices

Blog: | Instagram: hobbyvices


CJ Catellax

I took my Castellax apart this week so that I can clean it up and give it a bit less static pose.


Harry Wagstaff

Gradually getting the suits built, although I’ve had a bit of a delay in getting them magnetised. Nearly ready to prime them ready to paint next week though!



G+: HarryWagstaff



I’m almost finished the major parts of the model. “Only” some smaller parts like spikes, tongues and and eyes are left. Still suppose that I’ll need the rest of next week to get them done.

Twitter: Wolfsherz  | Blog: | Instagram: wolfsherz._

Dan from The Narrative Guys

Dan Narrative Guys Dreadtober

This week I am head on goals and somehow my test models turned into part of the project. So now I am doing a team of three Imperial Fist Contemptors. The bases are done and they are all yellow.

Facebook: NarrativeGuys 


I have had 3 dreads at various stages of finished-ness so I’m using #Dreadtober as motivation to complete these models.

Paul Graddon Dreads

So far I have been working on laying down a basecoat on the least completed pieces, and little shading work and chipping the paint work.

Facebook: paul.graddon.5

Andrzej Mezynski


I’m progressing quite well – done all the base and layers, now I’ll be dry brushing and washing

Colours: Basecoat: Chaos black spray. I used leadbelcher for silvers – didn’t decide to use any other layers like ironbreaker, because IMO leadbelcher is good enough silver 🙂 – will wash Armour with thinned Drakenhof and on weapons I’ll use Nuln Oil.

Blacks are done with Abbadon and will be drybrushed with Necron. Reds were done with first Khorne Red and then with few layers of Mephiston – will then wash them with Carroburg Crimson. Gold is Retributor Armour layered with Gehenna Gold and will be washed with Agrax, while for sword I used a mix of Caledor Sky and Leadbelcher. And purity seals are Khorne with Zandri Dust

Twitter: AndrzejMezynski


 PopCultureCube Glotkin

Progress is going well. I primed/based the Glottkin with Krylon’s spray camo green, and then painted on a layer of Thrull Flesh from P3 to the raised areas. After that, I washed it in Athonian Camoshade and mercifully arrived at the exact skin tone I was after. The horns I based in Deathclaw Brown (part of a technique I use to get an aged ivory tusk lock) and his hooves in Vallejo Dark Sand. Really happy with it so far. On to the details!

Twitter: popculturecube | Instagram: popculture_cube



When I start painting a model I usually grind on through to the end, so I progressed along a fairly rapidly. In retrospect, I wish I’d taken the time to cut some bevels around the torso panels in front, but even without gold bevelling, I think the metallics get the point across, so I’m generally satisfied with the way it turned out.




This week has been slow, I just managed to squeeze in one good evening of painting. Got the main colors and metal parts done but not much more.

Twitter: makkeru | Blog:

Rob @ iToysoldiers


So the highlighting is coming along. I’m basically using the instructions from GW on how to paint the World Eaters. Small change though: I base coated with Celestra Grey then did a full wash and then a layer of Ulthuan Grey and then a highlight of straight white. Still need to finish the highlights on the metal. But it’s coming along. Up next: Weathering and basing and lastly adding the iconography.

Twitter: iToysoldiers  | Blog: | Instagram: iToysoldiers

Dave Mary


This week I took on the dreaded edge highlighting of the black armor of the dread. In the end, no so bad. I chose a very fine highlight. Hope it carries well enough – definitely adds definition. Some spot washes and other details, including the plasma canon as well. I will tackle the remaining two weapon options next. The base got some love…I really enjoy mixing spot washes of various colors combined with various dry brush layers to vary the ground cover. Picked out the Eldar helmet on the base.




Well a new challenge has been set, I need to get a 1500 pts force built. So here is my dreadtober so far. A black legion hell brute. Hope to be fully built and based next week.

Twitter: wolf86sven



My headless dread is getting there. Couldn’t decide on blue or green so did both!! Just details and base to do

Twitter: sav10g 




Been working away this week so only just managed to get some colour on it!

Instagram: ultramarine__blue



Progress: Overall I’m pretty much done with painting my dreadnought. I tried to use brighter colors to contrast against the abbadon black and Caliban green.



Hi, I’ve started progress with the Contemptor Dread for Dreadtober. I started from the base upwards, its going to be my 10th Relictors dread, hence the grey scheme.




Getting into the colours now and the model is starting to look more interesting. Unsure which way to go with the right shoulder (gold or black) weekend comming up so looking forward to more hobby time. 🙂

Twitter: jtuvminis



mark-dread-wipThis week I painted the Ultramarine colours onto the dread. I’ve been debating on adding a gold element or leaving it more blue and white. I’ve started weathering the feet and body. The base is part resin and I’ve added a lone boarding shield because the dread was able to balance on it plus it adds some character.

Twitter: ultima_ant



48 hours late, but Bob’s up and walking, sorry about the delay

Twitter: sonofultramar | Blog:

Adam Abramowicz


Between unpacking and setting back up my studio, I was able to build up this dreadnought.

Blog: | Facebook: beyondthebrushstudios | Instagram: beyondthebrushstudios



chris-dread-wipFinished major highlights trying to do these with airbrush. And I started blocking in some of the major colors on the arms

Instagram: Relic_Knights_Studio

Rob J


I was gifted the models of the Dark Vengeance set by my Sister and Brother-in-law. Since I have a wife and three young children, I hobby on a budget and nothing can be wasted. I am attempting to convert this Hellbrute into an acceptable proxy for a Venerable Dreadnaught for my Dark Angels.



Since I am a chaotic painter I’m glad I was finally in the mood to add edge highlights to my dreadnought. Still a long way to go, though.

Twitter: blazoncek  | Blog:



I’ve got one Dragoon pretty close to done. I need to finish up some decals and add weathering, then finish the base. I have a full base coat down on the next, and I’m working on the third before I wash them down and start adding highlights. This Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus army is still pretty new for me so there’s still a lot of experimentation going on. Check out the lightning arcs on the taser lance, though!

Blog: | Twitter: linguartisan

Patrick H


Dread painting meet nothing but setbacks all week. Dread one got 4 coats of paint just to get a base coat, and dread two didn’t get based at all. The paint I chose came out like water from the airbrush. I’m hoping it was a bad batch and I have more on the way for try number two on dread number two.

I’m behind across the board but I think I can get caught up.




I’m making a Dark Angels Venerable Dreadnought for my Angels of Silence successor chapter. I’m working on learning airbrushing and building contrast … it’s a process, and work on catching up this week.

G+: MattFussell

Other Participants

The following are those who have signed up and either haven’t been able to start yet (some are on honeymoons! or moving 🙁 ) or not yet replied (if that’s you, reply to the email!).

  • Matt K.
  • Greg Zeitlin
  • J.R.
  • The Drill Abbot
  • Zork
  • Jack Shrapnel
  • Karl Hungis
  • Greggles
  • David Raghanti
  • Reuben
  • Rob aka Voracious Gamer
  • Chris
  • Mike
  • Gothmog
  • Xach
  • JF Dubeau
  • Ruleslawyer
  • Andrew Taylor
  • James
  • Ryan
  • Tarron
  • Will

Did I miss yours?

At the time of writing this, there are 91 people signed up Dreadtober. Which is both awesome and a bit overwhelming! So if I didn’t get your pledge posted above (or got it messed up), sorry and just let me know! Look for an email like “Dreadtober Challenge #1: Call for Showcase” and hit reply, or leave a comment below.

More To Come

Tomorrow the next challenge will be posted where the participants are to build and paint their base. Of course, it is also a float week for those who need to spend more time on the base colors or get started on the details. Either way, it’s going to be more awesome progress!