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Brush Stroke 1

Exactly one year ago I started a newsletter for Broken Paintbrush called the Brush Stroke. The first few issues didn’t go out to many other than family, so I decided to post each week’s post here for posterity.

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Brush Stroke 1 - The Broken Paintbrush Newsletter

Welcome to the first ever Broken Paintbrush newsletter! I hope to bring new ways to help your hobby right to your inbox.

New Post: Foldio Review

Review of the Foldio 2 Photobox

This week’s post on Broken Paintbrush is a review of the Foldio 2 Light Box, a relatively large, but portable light box.

Photography: Build Your Own Light Box

Building a light box from cardboard

No longer a lawn mower box by Marc

But you don’t need to buy a light box, Marc from Old School Gaming built a huge one out of a lawnmower box.

Painting: Tutorial on Painting Eyes

How to paint eye

Reaper’s Guide to Painting Eyes

I’ve been working on improving my skin tones lately and stumbled upon a Reaper Minis article on painting eye first.

Inspiration: Warlord Titan

Painted Warlord Titan

Warlord painted by Dave Thomas

Dave Taylor is a long time favorite painter of mine, and recently he recorded his build and paint progress of his Warlord Titan, a very impressive kit painted beautifully.

I hope you enjoyed the inaugural newsletter and found the links useful. This first issue was a little light (and originally didn’t have pictures!). As I got into the swing of writing these weekly emails, I started adding more posts, and even quick hobby tips.

So if you want to the latest Brush Stroke, sign up below. Each post includes this week’s Broken Paintbrush posts but also helpful and inspiring posts from around the web’s deep archive. Know someone that would also enjoy the newsletter? Hit the share button or send them a link.