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Brush Stroke 1 - The Broken Paintbrush Newsletter

Brush Stroke 1

Exactly one year ago I started a newsletter for Broken Paintbrush called the Brush Stroke. The first few issues didn’t go out to many other than family, so I decided to post each week’s post here for posterity. Want to get the latest newsletter into your inbox? Make sure to sign up in the form at the bottom. Welcome to the first ever Broken Paintbrush newsletter! I hope to bring new ways to help your hobby right to your inbox. New Post: Foldio Review This week’s post on Broken Paintbrush is a review of the Foldio 2 Light Box, a relatively large, but portable light box. Photography: Build Your Own Light Box But you don’t need to buy a light box, Marc from Old School Gaming built a huge one out of a lawnmower box. Painting: Tutorial on Painting Eyes I’ve been working on improving my skin tones lately and stumbled upon a Reaper Minis article on painting eye first. Inspiration: Warlord Titan Dave Taylor is a long time favorite painter of mine, and recently …

How to Paint Eyes with Kuro Cleanbrush Minis

Watch This: How to Paint Eyes with Kuro Cleanbrush Minis

They say eyes are the window to the soul, but probably only if you paint them straight. So learning how to paint eyes help make your faces look more believable and add character. With today’s Watch This, we have Kuro Cleanbrush Minis who shows off some nice tips. Sometimes it can be easier to watch someone show off a technique through a video than through pictures. So check out the video below and then I’ve got a cheat sheet underneath. How to Paint Eyes If you weren’t able to watch the video, I’ve summarized the main points below. The biggest takeaway: use the brush tip and clean your brush as the paint dries. General Tips Don’t use pure white for the eye, instead, choose an off-white Keep the paints thin so it doesn’t add texture to the eyes (use something like airbrush medium) Painting the eyes or the skin first is a matter of choice and how easy it would be to do one way or the other Don’t use a tiny brush (he used a …