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Watch This: Painting Ork Morkanaut

Watch This is a regular series where I find a YouTube video that shows neat tricks or tips for our hobby. From painting, building, or photography, I will be looking for great videos for you to watch and write up a brief summary of the steps used.

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This week I found Doctor Faust’s painting guide to painting an Ork Morkanaut, in this case in Blood Moons colors. I’ve had both a Stompa and Morkanaut sitting on my shelf for way too long, and I’ve been feeling the need to get them back on my table.

Even if you aren’t painting Orks, his video tutorial has some good tips on simple weathering, spraying highlights, painting horns. So Watch This Painting Ork Morkanaut Tutorial:

Basic Steps

For those who don’t want to watch it all the way through or want to have a quick cheat sheet of his steps, I’ve written them down below.

  1. Spray whole model with Hull Red + Armor Brown
  2. Spray with three layers of yellow: Ochre Brown, Gold Yellow, VGC Sun Yellow
  3. Paint metal areas steel
  4. Paint flames with black, highlight with Prussian Blue and Steel Blue
  5. Color the molded chips with Dark Rust and Flat Red, highlight with Sun Yellow and White
  6. Paint interior with Black and Steel mix
  7. Color red details with Black Red and Flat Red
  8. Paint horns with Earth, add Pale Sand towards tips and Black Brown toward the base. Wash with Black and Brown inks
  9. Spray with gloss clear to seal it in and make decals and oils easier
  10. Apply decals
  11. Add AK Interactive Track Wash to interior
  12. Use oil wash for exterior using Raw Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna. Dry for 1/2 hour then wipe it off with Q-Tips
  13. Add wash to metal areas with Black and Burnt Umber oil thinned down with spirits and then wipe off excess
  14. Paint base
  15. Use penny nails to glue model onto base

Wrap Up

I hope you liked this week’s Watch This with Painting an Ork Morkanaut from Doctor Faust. Check out his YouTube channel and give him a follow.

Do you have a YouTube video you think I should feature here? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you want to get more hobby goodness in your inbox, sign up for the Brush Stroke, my weekly newsletter where I send links to some great hobby articles to improve your skills.