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Baneblade is built!

Even though I had plenty of other units to build and paint to even field a full 1750pt game I was too excited for the Baneblade. I spent many a hour putting this massive and amazing kit together. It was the little details that really made this model shine, the gun barrels are already hollow (no drilling out needed), each panel is covered in rivets, hatch access points and unfortunately Aquillas. I spent about half my time scraping of this symbols of the corpse fool and replacing them with Chaos stars and army markings. I did run into one issue, the right side of the main turret was missing from the box. I went back the GW store and they generously opened a new box and gave me the missing piece (I think they are going to build a Skull Hamma’ from the rest of it). Once I get some more details and Chaos add-ons I will post some pictures!