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Painting Tip: Brush Soap

Another quick tip for painting: using brush soap to clean your brushes.

Brush Soap

I picked up this tip from the manager of my local GW store. I had been having trouble with my brushes getting stiff and clogged. I know I should be washing my brushes with soap and water after each session but sometimes I just don’t want to be bothered or don’t have the time.

That is where this little dish of soap comes in handy: simple dip the brush in the water pot, wipe it across the soap a few time and rinse it again. While using this method I haven’t had any problems with dried paint in my brush and in fact older brushes cleaned up so well with this, they were actually usable again.

I picked up my soap at a local art supply shop but I’m sure any bar of soap could work, this is just in a handy, closable case.