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My First Sculpt Pt 5: An Obliterator – Finished!

With some nice time off from work I was able to finish the Obliterator that I had sculpted. Paint wise there wasn’t much left to do, just some touch-ups and finish the base.

Sculpted Obliterator Final - front

The skull mast came from the defiler kit, the chain arm from the sentinels, and the shoulder plates from the marauders.

Sculpted Obliterator Final - right

I spent a lot of time trying to blend the organic, blue tissue into the metal by high lighting the flesh with silver tones and washing the metal with blue.

Sculpted Obliterator Final - Left

I had also started the second obliterator a few days ago while waiting for some paint to dry. For Christmas my wonderful wife got me a package of Procreate Putty which I have to say is a fantastic alternative to green-stuff. The procreate is not nearly as sticky as green stuff is but adheres very well to the model. It is also stiffer than gs which made creating the robe much easier as I didn’t have to ‘paint’ super glue onto the end of the tatters to keep them in place.

Here is a quick teaser shot of the two of them together:

Finished Obliterator 1 with WIP Oblit 2

I will be posting some more pictures of the second WIP obliterator tomorrow with some of the steps I took to build him up.