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Mentor Legion Squad WIP – Part 3

Mentor Legion Trooper WIP

So the white armor is takes a while to do… After painting this guy’s base coat I realized that to take full advantage of the paint mix I needed to complete him before moving on. I think his armor looks smoother than the Sargent but doesn’t show the same depth and shading. win some, lose some yeah?

Anyway the steps I used to paint the white. I started with mixing 1:1:1:5 mix of graveyard earth, codex grey, skull white and water. I used this to pretty much cover everything except the recesses in the armor or where it met other colors. I then added more and more white and water and added about 6 or so layers focusing more on the ridges and ‘tops’ of the white areas. I finally used pure skull white to highlight the hard, upper edges.

Mentor Legion WIP - desk shot

Here’s a shot of my messy desk area. In the background you can see some Iron Warrior Terminators awaiting finishing touches on their bases. Center back is my really basic ‘light box’ to take WIP shots – yes it really is copy paper leaning against the wall 🙂 You can see the missile launcher guy is up next as he stands on my improve ‘handle’ made from an old paint pot and sticky tac.

Any comments on how the white looks would be appreciated, I always like learning new things.