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Mentor Legion Squad WIP – Part 2

Mentor Legion Sargent - HeadAlthough I was hoping to get some feedback on my first cut at my Mentor Legion Squad before continuing I decided to press on and finish the squad.

As I picked up my paintbrush I realized that this was the first time I had done any painting for nearly 3 months! And man could I tell, my hands were somewhat shaky, the paint wasn’t smooth and my hands kept cramping up. After a few sessions I was able to get some good progress on the squad and regain some of the painting mojo.

I almost didn’t post this next picture as it looks like a elementary school kid slapped the some paint on so that they could be played in a store… ugh. But oh well, here is some WIP shots of the squad:

Mentor Legion WIP Part 2 - Base coat

Here I blocked out the different colors to both get an idea of what goes where, as well as cover up all the white primer in all the little nooks without worrying about getting paint where it doesn’t belong. Colors are pretty simple: Orkhide Green, Mechrite Red, Graveyard Earth, Tausept Ochre.

Mentor Legion WIP Part 2 - Greens

Next up I painted the highlights on the green. I do this next as I find it is easy to touch up darker colors rather than the white armor. The green was layered from Orkhide Green, to Goblin Green,  to Scorpion Green, and finally Skull White on the extremes. The areas were then washed with Thraka Green wash to tie the shades together.

Mentor Legion WIP Part 2 - RedsThe red areas were next. Starting with the Mechrite base I layered Blood Red, to Blazing Orange, then  Golden Yellow. A small amount of black wash was used to darken the recesses.

Next up will probably be the white armor… this part will take a while…