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Mentor Legion Scouts with Snipers

Mentor Legion Sniper Scout Squad

Finally finished off another Mentor Legion squad – holidays were a bit busy! This time it is a scout squad equipped with sniper rifles and camo cloaks. These were a good diversion from full power armour; the cloth and flesh were a nice change up.

Mentor Legion Scout Squad with Sniper Rifles

I kept the colors a bit more muted than their full brethren figuring they wouldn’t want to stick out too much as they did their scout thing. They followed my normal painting flow: base coat, devlan mud everything, highlight. The Mentor Legionnaires I do two layers of green and three white, but to keep the scouts muted I did a single highlight. The “white” comes out more tan colored, but still fitting with the rest of the army.

Mentor Legion Scout Squad with camo cloaks

To add a bit more interest to the large cloaks I did a simple camo pattern using the stippling brush. It consisted of light green, light ochre, and off white, finished off with another layer of devlan mud wash. I’m happy with how they turned out – especially with how simple it was to do.

Taking a break from painting green and white, I have a few diversions to post very soon. Among which is my own realm of battle type board so I can finally play at home without using a green table cloth! Also, it will allow me to do some much needed group shots.

2014 will be a grand year for Broken Paintbrush. Happy New Year and keep on painting.