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Mentor Legion Scout Squad for Combat

Mentor Legion Combat Scout Squad

So the scout squad has been sitting around waiting for pictures for a few weeks now, so its about time I post them up here. I present the finished combat scout squad for my Mentor Legion, armed with bolters, bolt pistols, and of course a big-arse heavy bolter. The are meant to support the sniper squad and provide a bit more mass to an otherwise small Mentors army. You can check out the WIP shots here if you like, but since then I have managed to finish the highlights, weathering, and a good deal of gore – well more so on the combat guys further down. The first half of the squad is to add a bit of mobile fire power with their bolters and the infernal bolts blasted out by the heavy bolter. Plenty of gear for these guys, and a couple of extra ammo packs for the heavy. The combat squad received an extra bit of gore as I figured these guys would be the midst of it and haven’t showered in a few …

Mentor Legion Scout Squad WIP Squad

Mentor Legion Scout Squad WIP

As I mentioned in my last post when I finished my Librarius squad, I plan to mix in ‘required’ painting with the fun projects. As the librarians were my fun conversion, I am working on finishing my Mentors Scout Squad as my required choice. I had these guys nearly base coated a long while back and decided they would be a great unit to finally finish. While scout squads are not everybody’s cup of tea, I like the diverse look they bring to the Space Marine armies, especially since I tend to always put helmets on my Mentors (they are smart guys after all). Unlike my other scout squad which was armed as snipers, this squad was built for close up action with half armed with close combat weapons and the other half with bolters. The idea was that I could combat-squad them into a ‘hold position and shot’ squad, and a ‘take out the soft targets’ squad. As with the sniper squad, I am keeping the colors a bit more muted than my traditional Mentors, …

Mentor Legion Scout Squad with Sniper Rifles

Mentor Legion Scouts with Snipers

Finally finished off another Mentor Legion squad – holidays were a bit busy! This time it is a scout squad equipped with sniper rifles and camo cloaks. These were a good diversion from full power armour; the cloth and flesh were a nice change up. I kept the colors a bit more muted than their full brethren figuring they wouldn’t want to stick out too much as they did their scout thing. They followed my normal painting flow: base coat, devlan mud everything, highlight. The Mentor Legionnaires I do two layers of green and three white, but to keep the scouts muted I did a single highlight. The “white” comes out more tan colored, but still fitting with the rest of the army. To add a bit more interest to the large cloaks I did a simple camo pattern using the stippling brush. It consisted of light green, light ochre, and off white, finished off with another layer of devlan mud wash. I’m happy with how they turned out – especially with how simple it …