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Good Reads 54

Cutting into your feed of #New40k reviews and battle reports, Good Reads is here to highlight some of the awesome work by fellow hobbyists. These are some of the ones that caught my eye and well worth spending some extra time on this week.

Good Reads 54

The First Born

Vostroyan First Born command squad

First Born by The GunGrave

With all this #New40k going on, it is fun to see people breaking out their old armies again. Like these classic Vostroyans by The GunGrave. Unfortunately, he sold them off, but they are a lovely army to look at.

Sail Away Photos

Painted Sail Away Bust

Sail Away by Nils Hombergh

While not a full step-by-step tutorial, Nil’s post is a great view into how he painted this lovely bust of Sail Away. It is fun to see how other artists go about painting. You can see the finished gallery here as well.

Light Up Marines

Space Marines with LED effects and lenses

Marines by Bob Hunk

Rory has a knack for finding excellent hobbyists from the forums and getting them to showcase on his blog. This time it is Bob Hunk with some incredible light-up Marines. Not only is it cool to have the weapon and lens effects, but they are well-painted miniatures.

Spawn Some Color

Converted Chaos Spawn from Crypt Flayers

Converted Spawn by Thor

Thor isn’t afraid of adding some color to his Chaos force, and this squad of converted Spawn highlights the variety. That and the use of Crypt Flayers make for a unique look.

Brand New [Kitbashed] Landskimmer

Kitbashed Space Marine Landskimmer

Kitbashed Skimmer by bjorndovah

Could this be the hinted Primaris flyer? Nope, Bjorndovah had too many bits laying about and decided to put his imagination to work on a prototype Space Marine Landskimmer. Over the top? Yup, but all part of his creative plan. (besides have you seen the new Primaris tank?)

A Mouse of an Aventure

Lara Kraft mousling

Lara Kraft painted by Scott Ferguson

Not only has Scott been on a Chibi kick, but he is also judging at GenCon for the Golden Kobold. This mousling Lara Kraft is a great example of Scott’s great work and how fun these models can be.

Good Reads 54 Wrap UP

I hope you enjoyed this week’s selection of Good Reads. I know that I have fallen behind in keeping up with most of the blogs on my feed, so if you think I missed something, hit up the comments below. I would love to hear about it!