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Good Reads – Hobby Blogs You May Have Missed – 2015W13

With the end of another week comes Good Reads 4 with hobby blogs that I have come across the last week or so. I’ve just recently jumped into the Twitter world of #warmongers, but it has significantly expanded my eyes into the world of blogs. If you are on Twitter, hit me up at @brknpaintbrush.

Good Reads 4

Green Stuff Creations

Green Stuff Industries

Built and painted by Green Stuff Industries

Green Stuff Industries shows off where to find some cool bits for Chaos Space Marines and why he is passionate about converting/bit bashing. Many of his kits are non-GW, or at least not Chaos Space Marine specific. Check out some of his cool creations.


chaos renegades by Elotsip 40k

Built by Elotsip 40k

Just like many of us, Elotsip 40k needs more Renegade troopers, so he shows us three new units bits bashed from multiple sources. Some of the bits used show how GW is missing some gaping holes in the renegade, traitor guard area and I have bookmarked a few of his sources for future projects.

Painting Eyes

Eye tutorial on Massive Voodoo

Eyes by Raffa of Massive Voodoo

The guys of Massive Voodoo always have great paintings and fantastic tutorials. This week Raffa gives a tutorial on painting realistic eyes, going so far as to drill out the pupil and add an acrylic lens – perhaps a bit too details for 28mm range, but cool.

Chipping Effect

Chipping Fluid

Chipping fluid is one of the techniques that I haven’t got to myself, but both Greggles and Tibbs shared their experiences. Greg had a good fortune, and the bright idea, to test on a spare tank hull first since he ended up scraping off too much and revealed the plastic underneath. He then took his learnings and did up a nicely worn Deff Dread (you might have seen in his billion photos of Adipticon).

Tibbs also shows us how he used the Chipping Fluid on his Knight Titan to great effect. He has an excellent write-up on the pros and cons of the Vallejo Chipping Medium he used and the importance of using an airbrush with it.

Dire Avenger

How to paint power Weapon by La Espada y Los Dados

Painted by Juan at La Espada y Los Dados

So there may be about a thousand posts on how to paint power weapons, but Juan at La Espada y Los Dados (The Sword and the Dice) is not only in Spanish, but used a Dire Avenger for his example. No habla Espanol? No worries, most modern browsers will translate for you if asked nicely and if not his pictures speak for themselves.

Wrap Up

Until next week!

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