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Good Reads 3 – Hobby Blogs You May Have Missed

So Week 12 of 2015 is here and with it some more Good Reads that caught my eye with nifty posts.

I love finding new artists and inspiration and follow about 30+ active blogs on Feedly but am finding more and more on my Google+ and Twitter (@brknpaintbrush) accounts, so if you aren’t following me on there, hit up the link and say hi.

Ok so let’s check out some more goodness:

Converted Evesor Assassin


Scratch built Avesor Assassin by Henry South

Built and Painted by Henry South

The Evesor Assassin is such a scary idea that it is such a shame GW hasn’t gone back and updated the Assassin line or updated the rules like did in third addition. I found Henry South on Google+ where he posted a few WIP shots of his crazy bits bash of the Assassin and posted his finished piece to his blog Check it out, you won’t be disappointing.

Egyptian Themed AdMech


Adeptus Mechanicus "counts as" Sentinel by Dameon Green

Painted by Dameon Green

Last week I posted some cool Greek flavored Space Marines, this week we have an Egyptian themed Adeptus Mechanicus Sentinels. Not only is the sandstone look a cool alternative to the AdMech red, but very well executed. Check out his AdMech section for some more WIP shots that show all the cool bits he used to build this uniquely awesome model.

The Golden Throne


Built and Painted by GMM Studio

Built and Painted by GMM Studio

There have been many takes on the 40k historic moment of Horus and the Emperor dueling, but I have never seen a take on the actual Golden Throne until GMM Studio posted their completed masterpiece. This thing is beyond belief and staggeringly huge (find the little guard at the front door). I’m a bit envious of all of you who got to see in this at Adepticon this week.

I hoped you enjoyed Good Reads 3 and as always, if you have some more cool reads, post the link below to help spread the word on your fellow hobby bloggers.