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Good Reads 2016 Week 16

A few months back I had debated on stopping the Good Reads series as it is surprisingly time intensive to gather the articles and write this up. But as I was planning the future articles of Broken Paintbrush, I couldn’t imagine really stopping.

There are just so many amazing bloggers out there sharing their hobby journey. So onwards the Good Reads go!

Dark Eldar Incubi Conversions

Dark Eldar Incubi Conversion

Dark Eldar Carnival Incubi Conversions by NafNaf

The clever and amazing NafNaf has put together yet another crazy cool unit for his Dark Eldar, a carnival themed army of creepy clowns and circus monsters. The new unit is a fantastic conversion of Incubi with top hats.

In fact, NafNaf is making such creating stuff, that Thor from Creative Twilight also featured his Incubi in today’s Blogger Showcase.

Prepping for Competition

A collection from MassiveVoodoo

A collection from MassiveVoodoo

While I have yet to travel for any painting competition, I can appreciate the massive amount of work that it would take to pack everything up and keep it all organized. The guys at Massive Voodoo are no strangers to traveling with amazing models, and thankfully they put together a checklist they go through to prepare.

Thousand Sons Jetbikes

Thousand Sons Jetbike conversions

Thousand Sons Jetbikes by Mordian 7th

Modian is a machine when it comes to building and painting armies. This time, he is back to his Thousand Sons (third take now?) and included clever jet bike conversions using High Elf chariots.

They Pilgryms of Iron Sleet

Converted Pilgrym

Pilgrym by Kari on Iron Sleet

The team at Iron Sleet are constantly putting some amazing Inquisitor conversions so it is hard to pick any one post to highlight here. Kari’s Pilgrym Adsum Levit Aaronic is an incredible example of the conversions and painting going on with their Pilgrym project.

##Good Reads 25 Wrapup

That’s it for this week, I hope you enjoyed the collection of articles and if you have a few of your own to share, leave them in the comments below for others.

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