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Good Reads 2015W23 – Tanks

Welcome to another week of Good Reads, this week I have put together a great collection of tanks from the last few weeks – and I love tanks. So check out the posts below and leave your fellow bloggers some comments!


Nurlge Vindicator by Rednekkboss on Da Rednekkz Mekshop

Painted by Rednekkboss on Da Rednekkz Mekshop

Rednekkboss is a fan of the gribbly bits and it shows in this fantastic Nurgle Vindicator. You can check out his previous posts to watch this nasty, horrible, awesomely painted beast come together from the amazing rust effects to that creepy green eye.

Vostroyan Hydra by the GunGrave on A Guardsmen's Guide

Painted by GunGrave on A Guardsmen’s Guide

So the new Hydra Kit from Games Workshop is awesome, but the GunGrave took it one step further and modified it to be a Vostroyan Hydra complete with custom gunner and loader. Hopefully someday GW will give these other IG units some love again to make it easier to theme our armies.

Dark Mech Stalkertank by bigbossredskullz

Painted by bigbossredskullz

I love the new Stalkertank and I have a fondness for traitor guard, so I love bigbossredskullz’ take on it. Not only is the weathering well done, but the little chaos bits are spot on.

Bolt action tank company

Photo by Greggles on Feed Your Nerd

Greggles has been doing some great battle reports, often getting into character, but always with a ton of pictures. This week he goes over a fun battle report of Bolt Action battle in South Africa that included lots of DM working. Check out the pictures for an amazing board and great looking models.

If you enjoyed the selection of posts above, let me know below!