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Good Reads 2015W22

Welcome to another week of some great blog posts from our little corner of the noosphere. Check out some of the great blog articles below and give your fellow war gammers, hobbyists, and bloggers some love.

inner circle knights by paint hammer

Painted by RJ_Payne on Paint Hammer

While I haven’t played fantasy in many, many years, I still enjoy seeing some of the amazing work people put into their units. RJ_Payne from Paint Hammer shows off his completed Inner Circle Knights that includes a great unit filler.

The little diorama depicting a Nurgle champion challenging Valten while the knights rush past.

The Rider by Klaus

Sculpted and painted by Klaus

Klaus is back with another amazing sculpt and painted creation, this time The Rider. After checking out the glorious pictures of the finished piece, make sure you go back through the build steps and watch as wire is turned into magic.


Admiral Drax had a post sharing a great hobby challenge hosted by the Spider Web of History named the 6 Month Mountain Reduction & Painting Challenge. The idea is a group support effort to reduce our mountain of grey plastic sprues by limiting ourselves to 3 purchases for the next 6 months and instead focus on building and painting what we already have. To help incentive completion they are also giving away gift cards to painting competitions.


Cadian Shock's WIP

Cadian Shock’s WIP

To help us all finish those mountains, Cadian Shock has a great post on batch painting and keeping yourself motivated to finish. For anyone that has tried to paint more than 10 guys at a time, make sure you read his tips to help you plow through.

Eversor painted by Redscorps

Eversor painted by Red Scorps

The new assassin models are very nice renditions of the classics and while I have seen some really well done models, Red Scropss is among my favorite. Between the well laid gore and the grittiness of the face-mask, the horror of this assassin really shines.