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Good Reads #2 – Hobby Blogs You May Have Missed

Welcome back to another week of Good Reads. I have more hobby blogs posts from our niche in the world that stuck out to me, and I wanted to share.

Good Reads 2 with awesome hobby blogs to read

Check them out and support your fellow hobbyist and celebrate their accomplishments.

Iron Snakes

Space Marine Chapter Iron Snakes by Marc

Iron Snakes by Marc

M4cro has painted up a full squad of Iron Snakes he has called Squad Lakodeme. Some fantastically painted shield designs and a cool story he is telling with these Marines. I’m a big fan of the Spartan look on Marines and especially Marines with shields, and these guys fit both bills.

Custom Built Razor Back Turret

Scratch Built Razorback Turret for Space Marine Tank by D Powers

Razorback Turret build by D Powers

Typically a Razorback doesn’t get anyone excited, but D  Powers scratch built his turret with some crazy, ornate detail and an exposed Techmarine who is just looking like a boss. Also, check out his armies back story, I love when people expand upon little tidbits or create whole new stories from the lore.

Building a Bridge

Scratch Built Bridge by Stephanie

Built and painted by Stephanie Young

How many remember your first hobby projects? How about your first foray into blog posting? Stephanie Young has not only jumped into both with some great progress but decided her first terrain project would be a scratch built a bridge over a river.

Custom Gun Drones

Custom Servitor Gun Drones by Steve

Servitors Built by Steve Wer

Steve Wer took his extra bits and fiddly-what-nots and built some creepy Sevitors. Just goes to show that you don’t need a whole lot to expand parts of your army – and why you should never throw bits away.

Wrap Up

If you found any other cool posts from hobby blogs in the last week, drop them in the comments below, I love to find new people to follow and be inspired by the massive amount of creativity in our hobby.