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Good Reads – Blogs You May Have Missed – 2015W10

I follow a lot of hobby blogs, and while there is always a great slew of content that comes through my feed reader, there are usually a few that stand out for me. I’m going to call these Good Reads because trying to do a top 10 of the week, or my favorite posts never end well. So instead I will pick a few posts that I thought had great content or inspirational work and provide a curated list for you.

So for the 10th Week of 2015 here are some good reads:

Painted by Dave Taylor

Robot Painted by Dave Taylor

First up is a cute little robot painted by Dave Taylor, well little may be a wrong adjective as it stands as tall as his Thallax. And yes, I may have accidentally called it a rust bucket in the comments, those leg parts are brass – hard to see on a small phone screen.

Painted by Kamui from Creative Twilight

Rebel Grot by Kamui from Creative TwilightKamui from Creative Twilight has finished up a great custom built Grot Commissar if you haven’t seen his Rebel Grot army you should check out all the custom work he has done.

WIP Princess Painted by Klaus Fischer

WIP Princess Painted by Klaus Fischer

If you guys haven’t seen Klaus’ incredible scratch built work, you might end up spending hours on this guys site. His latest work has been showing us the progress on his Princess of the dragons. Everything on her is hand sculpted or plastic card and incredibly detailed.

LVO Pictures by Greggles

LVO Pictures by Greggles

So if you didn’t make it to the Las Vegas Open (neither did I), Greggles (or Greg) has you covered with about a thousand pictures of the armies, battles, and cool models from the event. Also, check out his Deff Dread that won him a painting prize