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5 Steps to Creating an Inspiring Studio Space in your home

Adding an artistic touch to your life can make a big difference considering the quality of your overall lifestyle. Therefore, having a place to commit to your own artistic ideals can mean a lot when days are busy and stressful. Also, depending on whether you’re a professional, semi-professional or an amateur artist, you’ll have to invest and organize this space accordingly.

5 Steps to Create an Inspiring Creative Studio Space

This guest post comes from Emma who is blogger based in Australia. While she comes from outside our hobby niche, she has some great insight on creating artisitc spaces and DIY. If you want to see more, check out the links to her bio at the bottom.

For professionals, their own studio will act as their home office while those who enjoy such creativity as a hobby can recreate their own little sanctuary with few helpful pieces of advice.

For hobbyists, a dedicated space reduces the barrier to getting some extra painting done and keeping the rest of the house happy.

1. Plan your budget

The budget for your perfect studio space won’t be the same for a professional artist and an amateur. It will also differ depending on what medium one uses the most in their artworks. Still, supplies are the biggest investment you should consider.

While you can be frugal with everything else, it’s important that you have top quality stuff that will assist you in your talent and creativity. Therefore, make sure to check how much money you’re willing to spend on your perfect studio space and assign the highest percentage of that money to art supplies.

2. Choose the area

How to Choose a Good Space for your Art Studio

Another important aspect of creating an inspiring studio space is actually finding the best place in your home for this designated area. Therefore, you should analyze the space that you already have. If you want to be artistic and creative as a part of your hobby, then you can easily get away with one corner of any room that suits your tastes and needs the best.

On the other hand, a professional artist should strive to redecorate an entire room or even an outdoor garage space so that they can discover their full potential and stay inspired as they work.

The ideal space would have plenty of lighting and storage options (more on both below). Anything from a desk pushed into a corner to a full cabinet setup with display shelves and maybe even a spray booth.

Just find a place that works for your needs within your budget.

3. Storage solutions

Storing Art Supplies is Important

Storage is one of the essential bits when it comes to a productive and inspiring studio space. Everything has to have its respective place. It would be best to store your supplies the way you can actually see them all at once. There are special storage solutions and shelves for artists specifically, but this is also an aspect of studio space where you can be frugal.

By visiting garage sales and applying some creative DIY projects, you can easily recreate your own perfect storage for your particular needs and supplies. As they work, artists may be a little messy but it’s essential that every pencil, marker and paint pot can be returned to its designated space inside the storage unit.

4. Proper lighting

All artists know just how important lighting is for a true studio. You can’t work on your creative pieces if you constantly strain your eyes or have trouble seeing your own lines and strokes. In that respect, even if there’s not enough natural light, you can make things brighter and more visible by introducing different types of artificial lighting.

What’s more, don’t get depressed over the fact that a certain lamp or bulb doesn’t give you the effect you want. Thanks to your natural creativity, you can always play with some DIY lighting solutions and create the perfect atmosphere that would keep you inspired and productive.

Something as simple as a daylight bulp in a few extra floor lamps make make a huge difference.

5. Clean your studio regularly

Importance of Cleaning your Hobby Space

The final step may not involve creation of the studio space but it’s essential if you want to actually use that space properly and never experience the lack of inspiration. Therefore, it’s really important that you keep the studio space clean and clutter free.

Also, take the time to clean your brushes and sharpen your pencils whenever you’re done using them. If you leave your stuff dirty and never take care of it, it will be harder to use them again and the damage may soon be too drastic to repair.

While it is recommended that you keep your studio space relatively simple and mess-free simply because you already have a lot of supplies to take care of, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your personality. Aesthetically pleasing plants, personal décor and your favorite artwork on the walls can only boost your inspiration.

Your Thoughts

Joe B. back. So what do you think about Emma suggestions and which ones have you done well, and which are you challenged to work on now? While many of us paint our miniatures as a fun diversion, it is still important to set up some space to build and paint – especially if you live with someone else 🙂

So let me know your thoughts below and maybe even a picture of your own studio/hobby/painting space.

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Emma is a true home decor and DIY fanatic. Emma is interested in music and also is a big reading enthusiast. Finding new designs and patterns is her daily task. She got hooked on home accessories and decorations during her traveling and now cannot stop searching for new inspiration.

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