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Watch This: Brush Control – Tips on Holding Your Brush

If you find it hard to get your paintbrush to go exactly where you wanted it to go, you aren’t alone. In this Watch This, Kujo Painting shares tips on holding your paintbrush to get fine detailed brush control.

Watch This Brush Control with Kujo Painting

If you can ignore the cheesy music interruptions, Kujo’s tips are really handy and stabilizing your hands and putting the bush to work. Let’s watch:

My Notes

For quick reference, or for those who like words, I put his ideas into my notes below.

  1. The point is to be able to get paint exactly where you want it
  2. Use the middle finger on your painting hand to rest the brush
  3. Index finger and thumb pinch it against your middle finger
  4. With your other hand holding the mini (or a cork handle in this case) stick your thumb up high enough to rest your painting hand against
  5. Elbows on the table!
  6. Place the brush against the model and use your index and thumb to pull the brush backward
  7. It should slide against your middle finger
  8. Do a funky dance

Good brush control really helps when painting details and freehand, but even highlights benefit from being able to control where the paint lands. A good brush makes a big difference as well, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. I did a review on the WarColours brushes and still love their quality, only now have I abused the #2 that it is starting to split.

Wrap Up

Fairly quick video for today but I hope you found it helpful and will give the pinch and pull technique a try, I have been trying while painting my Ork Megaboss and, while looking funny on the video, does help with stability.

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