Month: June 2009

Paint a little, often

So this morning I finished one more base color on 5 of my traitor guard. I was a bit intimidated by the fact that I have 50+ guardsmen to paint and I don’t often get hour stretches to paint. My solution: paint a little, often. Such as this morning, I had 10 extra minutes before having to leave for work, so I grabbed my brush and painted the boots, belts and any other dark gray part on 5 more guys. Sure I have 10 more in this platoon to paint that same gray on, but it is 5 less I have to do later. Painting a little, often also will help keep my painting skills up. Its been a few months since I did any painting, and I can tell. I’m a little less steady, not as good at mixing the right water to paint ratio, and generally slower. I have plenty of projects to paint, so even when I get new projects in the mail (the sentinels are next) I will continue to paint …

Warsmith Built and Primed

I’ve had this model since Christmas and have been trying to figure out how to turn the WFB Khorne Lord on Juggernaut into a mighty Warsmith of the Iron Warriors. The model as sculpted is a terrific looking model but the challenge was to make it look like it could fit into the 41st millennium. In the end I replaced the arms with CSM arms, added a CSM head and backpack and re-sculpted the cloak to fit the backpack. The power weapon is a combination of a CSM banner pole and a giant axe from the WFB Chaos Knights. The pictures are a bit hard to make out the detail due to the black primer but I am excited to start painting. Work on this will be interleaved with painting my hoard of Traitor Guard but I will continue to post pictures of the progress.

First Platoon Command Squad Painted

So I finally found the camera and took some pictures of the platoon command squad I’ve been painting as a test unit. I wanted to see how well an orange color scheme would look before painting 50+ models as well as the added bonus that Bell of Lost Souls is hosting a hobby challenge for command squads. I will need to take some better pictures when the squad is finished but I wanted to post some pictures as they now stand. click on the pictures for a larger image. The squad is currently armed with two grenade launchers, vox and a platoon banner. The commander carries a power sword and bolt pistol. As I build the army and start playing with it I may change up the squad a bit. I don’t think the banners are worth it but they are great visuals that this is a army dedicated to Chaos.