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Looking for You – Write for Broken Paintbrush!

With Dreadtober coming towards the end, I am starting to plan for November’s posts, and I need you! I’m looking for guest writers, contributors who want to write for Broken Paintbrush. Become famous(ish) but more importantly, add something to the community that your fellow hobbyists will enjoy.

Be a Guest Writer on Broken Paintbrush

I’ll get into the hows and whys below, and I even have a list of potential post ideas if you want to write but need a muse.

Post Ideas

Below are the general topics I like to cover on Broken Paintbrush with some specific ideas to give you some inspiration. Don’t let it limit you however, if you have an awesome topic you want to add it, just let me know as well!


By far my favorite articles are those that share how you go from A to Done. Anything from assembly to painting to photography. If it helps a fellow hobbyists, let’s talk.

  1. How to paint a certain army/faction/tribe
  2. How to paint a color/effect/technique
  3. Painting tips for Beginners/Mid Level/Advanced
  4. How to Convert X into Y
  5. How to photography battle reports/montages/display figures

Hobby Blogging Advice

For those who are already hobby bloggers, I am looking for your posts on how to help other hobby bloggers create, grow, and succeed at their own blogs. NOTE: If you are some random internet marketer marketing to bloggers who what to write about marketing to internet marketers, BE GONE! I’m looking for advice aimed directly for our hobby community.

  1. Tips on using social media to share your WIP shots and get advice
  2. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, how do you use them for your hobby
  3. How to share and repost content ethically and nicely, both posts and pictures done by others.
  4. Creating ideas to write about and creating a schedule
  5. Why do you blog, what are your aims, goals, aspirations and how have you worked towards achieving them.

Hobby Tool Reviews

Have a Cool Tool that you want to share? Write up a review about it and how you use it to improve your hobby skills.

  1. Paint racks, project boxes, and hobby storage
  2. Lighting (lamps or bulbs) and magnifying lenses
  3. Miniature holders and brush grips
  4. New brushes, paints, tools, or other cool things


Have an opinion on something that you want to share or something other topic of discussion? I am open though this is another area that I tread carefully. I am open to differing viewpoints, but I want any editorial to build the community rather than a beat down.

  1. If End Times style game and story changes happen to 40k, what changes could Games Workshop make to improve the game/story/factions
  2. Share with us your favorite board game, how it’s played, and what makes it cool
  3. Where do beginner hobbyists get stuck and what can the community do to help them

Why and How

So the list above got you thinking about post ideas yeah? Something awesome you want to write up and share?


But why would you bother writing for Broken Paintbrush (especially if you have your own blog)? Well, my hope is that we can help each other.

If you have your own blog, some of the reasons to guest post (here or on other blogs) is:

  1. The topic doesn’t fit the normal posts you do but would fit here
  2. You want to reach new readers and point them back to your site
  3. Build the community as a whole

If you don’t have a blog (or it’s collecting cobwebs), guest writing is a great way to try it out or just get that random article out of your head without dealing with the effort of managing a site.

I have a bit more in depth benefits and win-wins on the main guest post page if you are still on the fence.

Those are some good whys, but now for the how.

For first time writers, the how can be a bit intimidating. But fear not! I will help you through the whole process.

It all begins by either filling in the form below or sending me an email: with “Write for BP” as the subject. Let me know the idea you have and how it will be awesome for the readers.

Most likely I’ll say “awesome, let’s do this!” at which point I can get you set up as a writer on the WordPress platform, have you login and write away. If that scares you, you can write up your post in Word and email me the document instead!

Either way, when it’s ready to go, I’ll do a quick edit and review. Sometimes I’ll flag a couple areas that would be great to expand or clarify and have you update it, but usually I stamp my approval and schedule it! Boom! You are now a writer for Broken Paintbrush!

In the wise words of my three year old: “Let’s Do this!”