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Iron Warriors Banebade Front

Iron Warriors Baneblade

Editor’s Note: I painted the Baneblade a few years back but didn’t have great pictures for it, so while I am busy packing and moving, its a great time to finally get him a new post. Now a days every 40k army needs a super heavy to bring to the table. An Ork Stompa, a Knight Titan, or in this case, an Iron Warriors Baneblade super heavy tank. I built this tank nearly 4 years ago shortly after it came out, at the time it was the largest, and most amazing kit Games Workshop produced and part of the launch of Apocalypse. At the time I didn’t have any loyalist army so I clearly needed to build an Iron Warriors Baneblade for the 14th Grand Company. In keeping with my other Iron Warrior tanks, the Chaos icons are kept to a minimum and the tank is mostly the typical iron and gold trim. I did spend a good deal of time scraping away the Imperial Iconography that decorates the standard build, but a good chisel blade …

Imperial Knight Titan

Imperial Knight Titan

My first picture post of the year should be epic right? Well here is my first Imperial Knight Titan for my yet unnamed house.   My wonderful wife bought me this Knight Titan [get it at Amazon] last Father’s Day and it has been a slow process to build and paint this beast. In the end, I can’t get over how amazing this model is in person – any one that has finished one knows what I am talking about I’m sure. I decided to create my own, as yet unnamed house, and since my wife’s favorite color is yellow, it was only fitting that it would be the primary color.   The amour plates were left separate and I glued them to penny nails to act as handles to paint and I could stab them into corks to dry. The main colors were all done using an airbrush and my meager skills allowed for very little highlighting – but a good dose of painters tape allowed the pauldrons to be painted both colors. The family crest of …